Two Weeks Gone

It's been two whole weeks,

Since you last replied,

Two whole weeks spent waiting,


Waiting and worrying for you.

You said you'd be back Saturday,

Two Saturdays ago,

There's an invisible wall between us,

Visible to you but not to me,

I'm trapped in a limbo I cannot see,

Alone on an island with no map,

No reference points,

No idea of longitude and latitude,

I know nothing.

Nightmares are getting bolder,

Attacking by daylight sometimes,

The images change,

But the result is always the same,

I search for you,

I find someone with sight,

And they tell me you're dead,

They tell me you've killed yourself.

I don't know why you don't reply,

I don't blame you either,

I know you won't abandon me here,

In this lightless hell,

But we're still cut off from one another,

Why can't I find you?

No matter how hard I look,

I can't find you,

This squall continues,

The lightning still strikes me,

The wind still gives me lashes,

Please come back,

Without you I'm nothing.