SCENE 3: Karl's Apartment, In the evening the same day


SFX: "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" on TV in the background. Microwave on.

RYAN: Uncle. Look at what I made.

SFX: Cheering can be heard from TV.

KARL: Cool I`ll look at it later.

RYAN: Please.

KARL: I`m busy Ryan. I`m watching this.

RYAN: Pretty please. What I made looks really, really good. It`s really shinny and stuff.

KARL: No. This is really important. This is the episode when he wins the million, just like me (chuckles).

RYAN: Yeah, I found you special winning ticket. I know how much you like winning tickets. So I cut it up and turned it into a pretty card. It's all shinny and stuff. I hope you like it Uncle.

KARL: (Yelling) You did what?!