This is a story about the world in peace and about the ones who were protecting the world from catastrophe and wars between each other and/or against evil.

There's a legend about 9 guardians that protects the world from evil darkness or influenced of evil spirits. There are also 9 different elements that the guardians represented as: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Life, Thunder, Blizzard, Light, and Darkness.

There's also a legend that the guardians are scattered everywhere and were randomly chosen that has the right to do their responsibility as a guardian.

And there's a rumour about having a war between guardians about something that it gotten worse and leads to having a war.

The war was led by the guardian of Light, Ulysses and the guardian of Darkness, Merciless. The two fought 300 years ago. The war ended when Merciless had died and Ulysses went into deep sleep after the war. After that, the whole world is in peace until the Guardian of Darkness started to create a chaos. The new successor of the role as a Guardian of Darkness was named "Eclaire". She's the first person who can control the evil spirits and more evil sorceries that even the past guardians can't do before.

Because of having much power, she ordered all of her servants, soldiers and even dark magicians to destroy all. She became more powerful because of a grudge that she was keeping inside her heart that no one can stop her.

Because of her doings, many people died from fire, massacred, captured and tortured them to death and some people were being enslaved by them.

In the end, the world was in pure chaos and bloodshed battlefield. Soldiers of different countries and small towns were involved in the war and had no choice but to trained and recruit people to join the war and other people who can treat their wounds.

Some people who doesn't want to get involved in war, only prayed that hopefully some miracle would happen or perhaps the others guardians that protects the world would appear and saved them all from the chaos the Guardian of Darkness created.

Does the world will be saved from wreck havoc?

Would the Guardians appeared and saved them in time?

Will the world be in peace again?


Everything will lose and be gone forever?

"O' Precious Guardians, save us from the wrath of Darkness.

And Guide us to the light that let's us all be in peace.

Give us miracle to endure this torture and let this be the end of this most war that was made by darkness and have peace."

The prayers and wishes of all the people in the world who wanted to live in peace.