I always say,

I miss you

I love you

I call

You can't talk

You say you'll call back

You forget

I call you

You apologize

I want you to understand

That I don't want an apology

I want you to remember me

To miss me too

And to love me more than anything

I'm selfish,

I know

But I can't ask for anything else

There's nothing I want more than you

You say you love me

You say you miss me


I can't do anything but doubt those words

It's not because of you

Don't think that

Other people say

That no one could love me

Nor miss me

They say that I'm selfish,

Which is true

And that I only think about myself

That I have to many mental scars...


I just want you to know,


I love you forever and always. Whatever happens, I'll always be there for you... 3