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Sunday 1st January 2012

I wake up and the first thing I see is a blinding light. It's one of those 'My eyes! Holy Hippogriffs, my eyes!' moments, but I refrain from yelling so as there are other people in the room with me. Speaking of Sam and Bella ...

I realise there's a weight on my legs and drool on my foot. I lift my head off the pillow just enough to see Bella lying across my legs, her hair a wild mess. Ha. Good luck taming that.

Isabella McCormick is one of my two best friends and one of the girliest girls I know. Good manners, hair, nails, dress sense, blah blah blah. But not make-up. Because then Sam and I would slap the living Christ out of her. Bella always wants to look good. Even in her night clothes, which is ridiculous. And she's a good girl. Always gets her homework done, her chores done, is always polite. The only time I've ever heard her fart was when we were thirteen. It was in her sleep. I gave her hell for it next day. Good times.

I look even further down the bed to find the source of the drooling. My big toe is in the mouth of my other best friend, Samantha Blackwood. But you call her Sam unless you want your face smashed in. Sam is the polar opposite of Bella. Sam is a tomboy, and a big one at that. Jeans, letterman jackets, converses and that SnapBack that. She never goes anywhere without that SnapBack hat. I'm surprised she doesn't have permanent hat hair. She doesn't care about how she looks or what people think of her. Sam doesn't let people in, but when she lets you in, she becomes one of the best people you can possibly know.

And then there's me. Jacqueline O'Donoghue. But you can call me Jackie; most people do. I'm a lot like Sam in the sense that I don't really care about how I look or what people think of me, but that doesn't mean I don't like dressing up and looking good when the occasion calls for it. I am loud and always shouting random things. And I'm always moving. Whether I be running, jumping, skipping or dancing, I'm never still. I am completely one hundred percent insane and I suppose Sam and Bella are heading that way.

For example, one time, Sam thought it would be a good idea to get her head stuck in between the stair rails. Bella then somehow got herself stuck as well. I then thought it would be funny to get cookie dough and put it all over them. But that kind of failed because most of it ended up on me and I also got myself stuck in the process. To make matters worse, it was the middle of the night, so we had to wait the rest of the night and then an additional three hours while my brother and his girlfriend tried to get us out. It was all great fun.

I play volleyball, I love Harry Potter, I fan girl/stalk Andrew Garfield, I read like the little nerd I am, I play guitar and I sing. And I do it all with a British accent.

For the first fifteen years of my life, I lived in London and for the first five, with both my parents. But then they got divorced and Dad moved to Australia, aka the other side of the world. So from the age of five, I went back and forth from London and Australia, along with my eight brothers. How you have nine children and then divorce, I will never know.

It was in Australia I met Sam and Bella. My dad worked with Sam's mum and Bella lived next door. Sam and I were forced to play together and then met Bella over the fence of my father's and her house. Sam and I were jealous of her treehouse, so we crawled through a hole in the fence and invited ourselves over. But Bells loved us, and we became attached at the hip. When we were younger and I went back to London, we'd just draw pictures to each other but as we got older, we started writing actual words. But ever since my mum died and my brothers and I were forced to move in with Dad, I see them every day. While the rest of my brothers live with my dad, I live with my twenty one year old brother Michael and his girlfriend, Bridgette.

I turn my head to check the time. Three o'clock. What did we do last night? Just like every New Year's Eve, Sam, Bella and I went crazy and when the clock struck midnight, we did something mad and completely new to us. We went cliff-diving last night, but I don't remember much as I was slightly tipsy from the alcohol Michael let me have.

To wake Sam and Bella up, I pull the pillow out from under my head and throw it at Bella, shove my toe into the roof of Sam's mouth and then pull it out quickly before she clamps her teeth down on it.

"Get up, you lazy shits."

Bella jerks awake and Sam screams in surprise before rolling off the foot of the bed and landing with a massive thump.

"Jackie," Bella whines. "What's the time?"

"Three o'clock and I'm starving so get your lazy arse outta bed!"

She sits up. Bella's actually quite pretty with her wavy strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin and perfect features.

She grumbles something unintelligible, climbs over me and crawls over to her suitcase. She's borrowed a pair of my pyjama bottoms and written across the butt are the words 'Can't Touch This'. I break out into the song, but she just rolls her eyes. I smile before crawling to the foot of the bed to see what's happened to Sam. I can't believe it. She's fallen back asleep.

When hitting her with a pillow doesn't work, I sit on her and her eyes snap open, giving me the filthiest look she can muster. Even with that filthy look on her face, you can still tell Sam is extremely pretty. Her light brown hair reaches her shoulders, and with her light brown eyes, long legs, big boobs and nice butt, it's easy to see why there are guys hitting on her left, right and centre. But then she beats them around the head and that shuts them up pretty fast.

"Samantha Jane Blackwood! If you don't get up right now, I'm going to get a stick and shove it in a place where sticks aren't meant to be shoved!" I threaten her and she knows I'm not bluffing.

Her eyes widen in fear before narrowing to slits again and throwing me off her muttering, "Why does my mouth taste like foot?"

I stifle a laugh and follow her from the room a little more graciously.

Bella's already in the shower and Sam's putting toothpaste on her toothbrush as I study myself in the mirror. Sam always says I'm, and I quote, "Damn sexy," and I suppose I should believe her, but I don't. I'm okay-looking with my dead straight dark brown hair and brown eyes framed with long lashes. I'm tall, which I like. But even so, I'm just average looking, nothing special.

"Jackie, you're gorgeous. Get over it," Sam says to me and proceeds to brush her teeth.

I shrug at my reflection and start pulling a brush through my excuse for hair.

After we're all presentable, we bound down the hallway with considerable more energy. I head into the kitchen while the other two into the living room.

"Morning Bridgette," I greet my brother's girlfriend.

"Finally! I thought you girls had died!" she laughs.

"Where's Michael?" I ask, turning to the coffee pot.

"In bed," she replies. "He's hungover."

Michael always was a big drinker. He's not an alcoholic or anything, but he's always the drunkest one whenever he goes out.

"Of course." I grab some ham and cheese crossiants, two coffees and a strawberry milk and head into the living room with the other girls. Sam makes a grab for her coffee.

Sam's weakness is coffee, mine is strawberry milk. And Bella's ... Well, Bella's is raw egg.

I'm telling you now; weird as heck.

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