The Hooded killer

Several days earlier…

Metropolis was truly… seriously, well and truly done for.
The only district that looked remotely in tact was The Central Arc… a curve carved out of the chaotic city, one tip ending in the center of the city, the other outside the city.
All the Arcs supplies came in through the outside tip, heavily armed battalions locked in a continuous conflict at the walls with violent gangs and warlords…
The abandoned districts weren't completely destroyed… just mostly.
Wind blew across the rooftops, disturbing the hooded man's cape.
All across the city, and most of the known world, N.E.X.U.S officials shivered in fear to hear his name.
Darrau looked across the city.
A clear night sky would have been seen, if it weren't for the massive clouds of black smoke billowing into the air.
Darrau's face could not be seen, due to his Sand coloured hood, drawing darkness to his face.
The hood was more or less a cape, the material falling over his left shoulder and head.
His right hand was metal, shining in the firelight…
His feet were encased in large, metal boots, although they never seemed to make a sound.
He was crouched down, keeping low so not to be seen from the streets below.
Darrau was waiting… and it appeared the moment had now arrived.
A large, shiny, black jeep appeared, rounded a corner at break neck speed.
Beneath the hood, Darrau smiled.
He reached down with his metallic hand, clamping down on the corner of the building.
He swung down, all his wait pulling down on the mechanical limb… putting it under no strain at all.
He let go at the last moment, soaring through the air.
He hit some wooden planks that were resting on steel scaffold, rolling to soften the force of the fall.
He stood, leaning into a sprint as he did so.
He leaped, swinging on another piece of scaffold, before letting go, flying towards a lower piece of scaffolding.
He hit the surface, still running.
He turned, rounding a corner in the scaffold.
He ran forwards, dropping into a slide, tearing down a slope in the wood.
The wood stopped abruptly, leaving Darrau falling through the air.
He hit the ground running.
Darrau stopped, just before the end of the alleyway he landed in.
His head popped out of cover, examining the road.
Only a few people were about, dashing from building to building… no one wanted to be out now… not with the violence that was around.
Darrau could hear the car coming, screeching tires on the ruined tarmac.
He needed the car to stop.
Darrau looked round, seeing what was at his disposal to stop the car.
He smirked, looking up to the scaffolding.
It might be hard to do… but that was for someone who was not called Darrau.
He gripped the metal piping in his hands, planting his feet on the ground.
Fortunately for him, the ground in the alleyway was cracking, large chunks protruding from the surface.
His feet rested against one of these pieces, giving him some extra leverage.
He started pushing, arms straining…
But the scaffolding started creaking, lurching.
His face looked as if not much was testing him, a calm, relaxed expression.
He strained his legs, straightening up, giving him an even further reach.
Then it happened.
The top platform swung out towards the street, bringing the rest down with it.
Just as the black Jeep rounded the corner, the scaffolding crashed down, and one stray pole piercing the bonnet.
The car alarm sounded instantly, the vehicle stopping dead in its tracks.
The windscreen smashed, the cars driver flying through the air.
Darrau smiled. N.E.X.U.S officials are always in a hurry, sometimes so much so that they never bother with their seat belts.
The driver soon found one of the scaffold pipes lodged through his neck.
Darrau ran past him, leaping onto the car bonnet.
Darrau's boots crumpled the thin metal sheet beneath them, then he kept running.
He was on the roof, opening the sunroof hatch to gain access to the people inside.
One of the man's guards fired at him, the bullets disappearing inside the darkness shrouding his face.

Darrau didn't even flinch.
He pulled his weapon from his back, aiming the long barreled gun at the guard.
He fired.
From the outside of the car, all you could see of the guard was the dark red blood running down the windows.
Darrau reached in, grabbing the other guard.
He launched him overhead, crashing into an electricity cable running above him.
He grabbed the last man inside, just as the electrified guard fell back down limply onto the bonnet.
Darrau jumped off the car, still grasping the man by the collar.
"Please…" Darrau ignored the man, but instead moved his metal hand onto the official's neck, now able to choke him.
"What do you want? Money?"
Darrau almost smiled at the whimpering, fully grown adult… Darrau had that affect on people.
"I don't want money, coward." His voice was deep and thunderous, although at the same time soft and quiet.

"What… what do you want?"

Darrau smiled beneath the shadows, taking in the mans panicked expression, the look of pure fear in his eyes.
"Your life…"
The official started squirming, trying to pry Darrau's hand from his neck… but Darrau's grip was like a vice, not getting any looser.
With his spare hand, Darrau removed the pipe from the jeep's engine, seeing that it actually hadn't done much damage at all.
The smile crept back again…

After a few minutes, Darrau stepped back to admire his handy work.
The official was suspended in mid air, arms and legs held by chains.
His feet were chained to a nearby wall, whereas his arms were chained to the black jeep.
Darrau strolled to the car, turning on the engine.
"Please! I'm begging you!" The official screamed, a shrill voice piercing Darrau's ears.
"Oh, do shut up…" Darrau mumbled, picking up a heavy brick.
"Ready creep?" Darrau shouted over the roar of the engine… He didn't wait for a reply.
The brick landed on the pedal, sending the car hurtling forwards… taking the officials torso with him.