It's not something I expected
Didn't even notice it happening
But I'd lay my head down now
And want to grab his hand

I didn't plan to fall for him
Couldn't tell it was happening
So I couldn't hide it
But I'm not sure its such a bad thing

Only after we left
Did I notice I fell
And I couldn't figure out why
Is fallen so easily

I thought since I have someone else
That I wouldn't fall
But it seems I was wrong
Since the someone else isn't really mine.

He's just a dream, a wish
So subconsciously I let myself fall
For someone else
Who's completely different

I was confused at first
As to why I like him
Even now I haven't figured it out
But I'm always glad to talk to him

Since he's gone now
Probably wont see him for months
When I do we won't be alone
So I still won't get to hold him

Maybe one day I'll visit him alone
And we'll go for a bike ride
Without anyone babysitting me
So I can hold his hand again