Chapter One

Kerin walked up to the counter and placed a chocolate bar onto the marble surface. The cashier, who wore a blue t-shirt and a white cap, picked up the bar and, as per usual, scanned it. A holographic display flickered above the till and displayed, "25cR". Then something happened. Something that wasn't per usual. Kerin reached over the counter and grabbed the cashier by the throat. He screamed hysterically as he was thrown across the service station, barrelling into several shelves in his flight. The glass bottles fell to the floor and shattered into millions of pieces.

He tried to scramble to his feet, but in a flash, Kerin was upon him and his boot was rested against the cashier's back, forcing him down onto the shards of glass. He cried out in pain,

"Shhshhshhshh," Whispered Kerin, "Don't be loud. It won't save you,"

"W-w-why are you doing this?" Mumbled the frightened and wounded cashier

"Does it matter, now?" Replied Kerin. He pressed his boot down harder, causing several of the larger shards to become embedded in the cashier's body,

"Boys!" Shouted Kerin, "Have your fill,"

Three large, burly men, dressed in heavy overcoats and combat fatigues came into the service station. They crowded around the horrified cashier,

"Drink deeply, men," Said Kerin, "This will be the last you taste for a long time,"

The three men knelt down around the cashier. He screamed with horror and pain as they bit into his flesh and drained him of every drop of blood. Kerin returned to the counter and grabbed the chocolate bar, opening the wrapper with his teeth and biting off a chunk,

"We'll be on the road for a while,"