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I stared at the pattern of flowers on the rug hung on the wall. If I could, I would run to our apartments, but my panicked reaction had caused Father to tell me to stay in the main palace. Kaniel placed his hand on my shoulder and squeezed.

"You've been through this once. It can't be so bad now, can it?" he asked. I didn't answer, but looked at the young children, seven years of age, sitting in a corner. The boy helped the girl set up the toy house for her dolls. Light brown hair and blue eyes.

"What was wrong with me? I already have what I need." I sighed.

"You are just nervous."

"He turns into a puppy at times like this, doesn't he?" the familiar voice of Daryush sounded in the doorway. I looked up. "If anyone saw you like this, they would think you were unfit to rule. A king stays strong in all situations, Your Majesty."

"Every king has his weakness." Father said, entering behind my brother-in-law. I stood up to greet both. With them was also, the son of the brother-in-law I hated, Arsalan.

"Is your father here too?" I asked the young boy.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Arsalan and Darya are staying at my place." Daryush, my Neyaerian ambassador, told me. "I have told them to rest after the journey. Adish wanted to see the Willerlian palace so I brought him along." The boy bowed before me and I greeted him also. "Is Jacoba with Ana?" Daryush asked about his wife.

I nodded. The sound of running in the hallway had me forgetting everything and looking at the door. My heart nearly stopped as I held my breath in anticipation at seeing the servant in the doorway.

"Good tidings, Your Majesty!" the girl said with a joyous smile. My nerves made way for relief, but soon excitement filled me. "Her Majesty, Queen Ana and the child are fine."

Immediately the excitement made way for irritation. "For God's sake! Are they keeping it a secret this time too?! Don't tell me there are two again!" I said as my feet started moving. Suddenly I remembered that I should probably take the children with me. "Zachary! Judith! Come with me!" I called and without looking if they were following me, I started towards the apartments. I needed to see if Ana was truly alright.


I knocked on the door and Mary opened, immediately stepping away to let me in. The sight of Ana watching me with a tired smile finally brought relief. I went to her with long strides.

"Is everything fine, my dear?" I asked her.

"Yes." she answered and nodded towards behind me.

"Don't tell me there's two again." I said, turning.

"No, there aren't." Ana chuckled. But I nearly didn't hear her. I just looked at the small bundle in the arms of her youngest sister-in-law, Jacoba. The woman came closer and showed me the small child in her arms. I couldn't believe I was speechless again. It was the second time I was in this position, still it felt magical. Without thinking, I extended my arms. "It's a girl." Ana told me.

"Your Majesty wishes to hold the child?" princess Jacoba asked with surprise, but I was already busy taking the little girl from her. She handed her over, instructing me how to hold her properly. I looked at Ana with what she would describe as a sheepish smile. She smiled back with pride.

"Privacy!" I heard princess Jacoba tell the other women in the room and we were left alone.

"Where are the children?" Ana asked.

"Yes!" I said and cautiously handed over the little girl to her mother. I walked to the door and opened it to see my first two children standing with Daryush. Their expressions filled with excitement.

"Go." he told them and they followed me in. They all but ran to Ana.

"Meet your little sister." she said.

"Wow!" the girl exclaimed, finally being released of the title of youngest child. "Can I hold her?!"

"No!" Zachary told her. "I'm the eldest, so I'll hold her first!"

"None of you may hold her right now." I told them as I took the little girl from Ana. "I will hold her right now."

"What is her name?" Zachary asked. I looked at Ana and she nodded.

"Mehsana." I said as the little girl opened her eyes to see her father for the first time.


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