"Eros," the woman mumbles. I know who she is. She's my mother. Iris. I wonder how dare she show her face to me, after abandoning me when I was only four! My dream-self crosses her arms.
"Your Mother will train you," Apollo announces, eyeing each of us warily, as if Iris would attack me. Her dark hair, identical in shade to mine, flows down her back in soft waves. Nonetheless, a wave of outrage tumbles over me.
"You can't be serious," I say, not caring when Iris's shoulders slump a little in response. Gathering her courage, Iris speaks.
"Eros...I'm afraid he is," She says quietly. Her full, pink bottom lip is stuck out a little in a pout. I'm practically shaking fromg anger and nervousness now. Where will Apollo go? Will I ever see him again? Will others come for me?
"I wasn't talking to you." I snap weakly at Iris. I'm ashamed of my name - Eros is the Roman name for Iris. As a child, my Mother was a impressive thing - a goddess! And one of the most beautiful, at that. "I don't need her, Father. I have a Protector." I offer, thinking of Jesse. A small blush creeps across my nose and the tips of my cheeks.
"Ah, yes. Jesse," my Father says, sighing, "While a formidable demigod son of Hermes, he cannot keep you completely safe for long."
"And why not?" I demand. Abruptly, Iris interrupts.
" You're too powerful. Monsters will begin seeking you out, as will the spirits of Titans, and monsters from Tartarus. Seeking escape, they will turn to you for aid."
"They think I could free them?" I ask, momentarily forgetting my anger towwrds the goddess. My parents exchange an uneasy look between them.