"A hero is not one that never falls. He is the one that gets up, again and again, never losing sight of his dreams."

The most important heroes

Are the ones who want no reward

For their actions

They only appear on television once

If that

They are around you

Living as ordinary people

Yet they can do miraculous things

They are serving in the military

Dedicating their lives to protect

All of us and our way of life

They are policemen

Catching all the bad guys

Making the world a safer place

They also come in the form of firefighters

Saving our families and neighbors

Lifeguards as well

Saving us from currents

Then there are the people

Who have no training

They do miraculous things as well

Such as saving other people in the moment

For the others benefit

All these heroes are the bravest

Yet we don't see them on the television often

They want no reward

All they want is to know that they made a difference