Todd Miller gazed out the window, covered in snow and hanging icicles. Outside, white, fluffy snow blanketed every street, rooftop, and yard. It was a frosty winter morning, Dec. 24th. Tomorrow would be Christmas, and more importantly, his birthday! He would finally be a 10, a double-digit number!

He jumped out of bed and changed into his clothes. Maybe he could find some early birthday presents!

Tugging on his socks, he hopped into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Mom." He noticed that his mother was at work at the oven. "Are you baking my birthday cake?"

"No, honey," Mrs. Miller replied. "These are some holiday cookies for your sister's Girl Scout fundraiser."

"Oh, okay. When are you going to bake my cake?" He asked anxiously.

"Oh, I don't know. It's so busy, and I have so many things to do! Maybe we'll just buy one from the bakery." The oven timer beeped. She reached into the oven and took out a tray of brown holiday shaped cookies. "Would you like to help me frost?"

"No, I'm good." Todd turned and headed towards his sister Brenda's room. She was texting on her phone.

"Are you excited?" He asked.

She looked up. "For what?"

"Tomorrow, of course!" He tapped his foot impatiently.

"Duh, it's Christmas!" She rolled her eyes and crossed her legs.

"No, not that. It's my birthday!" He crossed his arms.

"Christmas, birthday, so what. You get presents anyway. It's just a way of saving money; combining two into one." She swiveled in her chair.

Todd stormed out of her room.

"Hey, dad," he passed his dad along the hallway.

"Hey, Todd. I'm busy getting everything done before Christmas, so don't bother me unless it's an emergency. Alright?" Todd's dad didn't even wait for an answer. He just rushed to his office and locked the door.

"Christmas, Christmas. It's all everyone talks about. Nobody cares about my birthday. It's like they don't even care if I was born!" Todd grumbled to himself.

He bundled up and ran outside, slamming the door behind him.