Staring at the celling

Feeling so alone

Wanting to start over

But knowing there's no hope

She has true friends that care

And a home with a heart

Grades that are good enough

And talent to kill for

But she still feels this way

And doesn't question the thoughts

This is who she is

And she will never give it up

Hand reaches for the knife

And slowly clicks it open

Gently touches blade to flesh

Before she starts cutting

Though there is no pain

The blood starts to flow

Onto her bed

With nowhere else to go

It covers up the stains

From years of sacrifice

Shedding of her blood

For what, she doesn't' know

She wishes she could feel again

To know that she's alive

She wants the pain to be

Like it was the first time

Addicted to the sadness

Addicted to the pain

Never able to realize

There's no suffering

She will never realize

That it's all just in her head

She thinks she's all alone

No matter what is said

So here she sits on her bed

On the verge of death

Contemplating suicide

Every chance she gets

Everybody thinks she's fine

But no one will know

What she's truly feeling

When she's all alone