Hi there to all of you who had the decency to click on my poem! (Thank you so much!) This is the second poem I've published, please don't hesistate to post a review, I want to hear your opnions! Anyways, enjoy!

The pen in my hand,

The paper crisp and fresh,

I am writing a poem,

And I am hoping to finish.

Limericks by day,

Haikus by night,

The candle's burning low,

The words barely in sight.

My eyes are near closing,

Sleep stirs in my head,

Might as well put the pencil down,

And go straight to bed.

But you know I did finish that poem,

But it's not too good I fear,

Tell me what you think of it,

For you've finished it right here.

Haha, yeah, suprise I guess? What do you think of it? Good? Bad? Horrible? Absolutely mortifying! (that would not be good...uh...) Awesome? Okay? Just tell me! I'm open to any sort of reviews, but constructive critisism is appreciated.