Hey! :) Thanks for clicking on yet another one of my poems! I really love writing those (yeah...call me old :P)! This one has more of dramatic and formal air to it than my previous two (that I suggest you check out). Hope you like it!

The Orchestra Piece

The sound of the orchestra drums in my head,

Hushed whispers go around.

The conductor tells us, "enough said,"

And we hear more than just sound.

The ringing or the violins,

The plucking of the harps,

The trumpet's joyful crying,

Is as sweet as a lark.

The violins and cellos hum to a beat,

The flutes are one of a kind,

Everyone silently taps their feet,

To the steady rhythm and rhyme.

The piece is almost over,

It ends in an almost whisper,

The unspoken silence its cover,

It lingers…

So, what do you think? Good? Bad? Meh? Don't hesitate to post a review, I want to hear your thoughts on this! And don't worry :) funnier poems are yet to come! These are just one those more, meaningful ones to me. I was at this concert and got inspired to write this!