Hallway Romance.

Of Popularity And Ice Cream.

Wednesday, August tenth.



Why did I have to transfer from Oakridge?

That's what I kept asking myself as I walked into Eastwoods High.

You probably want to know who I am, don't you?

I'm Kennedy Smith, I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I have the upper body strength of a kitten, and I'm 4'7. Sure! That might be the average of a six year old, but here is the thing, I'm seventeen.

I had to transfer to a school where except for one person, I know nobody.

You see, my best friend since second grade, Autumn, and I had to transfer from Oakridge high school this year because some idiots were messing around with matches. Oakridge owns one district and Eastwoods own another, so each one has an Elementary school, a Middle school, and a High school. Then there is the K-12 school. The school burned to the ground. Thankfully, the police caught the three boys who did it.

No one was in the school. It was summer.

Oakridge closed down the whole district of schools together, because it took too much money to repair the high school.

I loved that school. It was where I could be myself. Sure, I was never popular but, I had all my friends there and now my only friend is Autumn. Credit you she is my best friend but, if we into a fight I will be alone.

All of my memories lie in the Oakridge district. It's where my best friend, Autumn Patterson and I met. It's where I had my first love, Tyler Mitchell. It's where a food fight makes history. I loved that school, and nothing will be the same without it.

So, here I am, walking into a school where I am a complete stranger and I hate it.

I had just gotten my books and was walking towards my locker when, I was pushed into my locker.

Stupid jocks.

I was scrambling around trying to get my stuff in a neat pile, where I could pick it up easily when someone yelled,

"Hey! Is that how you treat a lady you stuck up pig?"

I looked up at the person to see who yelled and that is when I saw him.

Standing next to me was the most beautiful blue-eyed boy I've seen since seventh grade.

I looked at him with shock written on my face, because back at Oakridge everyone feared the jocks. Including me.

The jock that had pushed me down turned around and got up in the boys face.

"What did you just say?" The jock asked with anger in every word he said

"I said: Is that how you treat a lady you stuck up pig?"

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the blue-eyed boy started poking the jock.

The jocks fist raised up high, he was about to punch the blue-eyed boy. Oh great! I did not want to be noticed, especially on the first day.

I watched in pure horror as the jocks fist came towards the boy's face. Right before his fist collided with the blue-eyed boy's face, the boy grabbed his fist and smacked hard in the jaw.

I didn't expect that.

"Now help her pick up her books!" The blue-eyed boy commanded

The jock knelt down beside me, gathered my things and handed them to me as I stood up.

"Now apologize, that was messed up, you thinking you can do whatever you want!" The blue-eyed boy exclaimed

"No, I'm not apologizing to a new kid, I don't even know her!" The jock yelled at the boy

How could no one notice this?

The blue-eyed dream held up his fist, as if he were going to punch the jock. This seemed to frighten him because not even a minute later the jock said,

"I'm sorry."

Okay, he's not nice.

"You're sorry for what?" The blue-eyed boy questioned him

"I'm sorry for pushing you down." The jock rolled his eyes

"Now, get out." The blue-eyed wonder pushed the jock as he turned making him fall like I did

I snickered lightly.

The boy didn't know me but, he stuck up for me. This school has some good qualities.

"Hey I'm Alex, are you okay?" Alex asked

"Hi Alex, I'm Kennedy, um yeah I'm okay," I smiled lightly

"I'm a new kid here too and I know how it feels to be picked on the first day of school…." Alex explained

That is strange, I never saw him around Oakridge.

"Thanks for doing that; I would never have expected anyone to do that for me." I told him

"Why?" He asked, "You're so nice."

"Because people have never been nice to me, I've always been unpopular," I divulged

"Well that's just stupid!" Alex commented

"Thanks." I said

"Hey, what class do you have first?" Alex asked

"Um, I think I have History first," I answered

"No way! I have History first too; do you want to walk to class together?" Alex questioned

"Sure, let's go." I smiled

We walked to History class silently.

I sat down next to Autumn as the bell rung.

She gave me a look that said 'Who is he?'

I smiled and mouthed the word 'Lunch.'

Autumn gave the thumbs up.

As the teacher droned on about today's lesson, I found myself thinking back to the seventh grade. The day before Tyler Mitchell, my first love, left.

It was Science class, the last class of the day.

Tyler and I were partners.

I always secretly wished that we were more than just friends. Even though I knew that, he would never ever like me like that. He was a jock and jocks do not go for nerds.

It actually surprised me when he had first talked to me. Usually the jocks never even acknowledged me.

It was frog-dissecting day. I was grossed out by it.

"Come on Kennedy, it's just a wittle frog." Tyler whined

"I don't want to touch it Tyler!" I exclaimed

Tyler wrapped his arms around mine and said,

"I'll protect you from the frog okay?"

"Okay, but if any frog guts get on me I'm blaming you." I stuck my tongue out at him

"I promise I won't let any frog guts get on you." Tyler chuckled

He helped me dissect a frog.

I miss him so much.

Tears had just formed in my eyes when someone threw a crinkled up piece of paper at me.

I look over at Autumn, who has an innocent look on her face.

I unwrinkled the paper and read it.

"Stop it! It's been five years!"

She knew how I was in love with Tyler. She thinks I am over reacting.

"I can't just stop loving him." I wrote and threw it back at her

I looked at her as she scribbled on the paper.

"This is a new school. Time to make a new start!"

I glared at her.

She shrugged.

"I don't want to! I want Oakridge back!" At that time, I wish I could scream at her.

Autumn just rolled her eyes.

As class droned on, I found it hard to concentrate. I kept thinking about Alex, about how his black wavy hair flowed to his shoulders, how his eyes are that beautiful shade of ocean blue, and how he is such a gentleman.

Maybe Autumn was right. Maybe I should try to make a new start.

An evil grin slowly appeared on my face.

"I'm gonna make myself get over Tyler." I whispered to myself

That is when I decided, that I was going to work up the courage to ask Alex out.




When I first walked through the school doors, I grumbled knowing that the first day is the longest day.

I swear trying to get through the hallways on the first day is like, trying to feed one banana to ten apes. Which if I'm not mistaken, isn't too pretty.

I probably should tell you who I am shouldn't I?

I am Alex Johnson, I have mid length black wavy hair, ocean blue eyes, and I am about 6'1. I am also a jock. I know what you are thinking jocks have no brain, but that is not entirely true.

I would have my friend, Tyler, here to help me get past all of these idiots. But he didn't transfer.

I was moving my way through the hallways, when I saw her.

I didn't know who she was but, man! Was she beautiful.

She was carrying her books when someone knocked her down.


All right, calm yourself Alex.

I have anger issues.

I ran over just as Sanders was retreating and yelled,

"Hey! Is that how you treat a lady you stuck up pig!"

I could feel her eyes on me, like I had done something wrong. Or shocking?

He turned around and came up to me.

"What did you just say?" He spoke with anger

"I said: Is that how you treat a lady you stuck up pig?" I poked his chest with every word I said

His fist went up, before he could punch me, I grabbed his hand and smacked him square in the mouth.

"Now help her pick up her books!" I commanded

He picked up her books and handed them to her as she lifted herself up.

"Now apologize, that was messed up, you thinking you can do whatever you want!" I exclaimed with rage

"No, I'm not apologizing to a new kid, I don't even know her!" He yelled

Surely, we were attracting some attention.

I held up my fist to frighten him. It worked because a second later he said,

"I'm sorry,"

Now that was rude.

"You're sorry for what?" I questioned him with a smirk on my face

"I'm sorry for pushing you down." He rolled his eyes

"Now, get out." I said as he turned.

I pushed him making him fall; as he stood up, he glared.

Good, I made him mad.

Brad Sanders will not touch her.

"Hey I'm Alex, are you okay?" I asked

"Hi Alex, I'm Kennedy, um yeah I'm okay," She smiled

"I'm a new kid here too and I know what it feels like to be picked on the first day of school…" I explained, it wasn't entirely a lie.

I was here last year but still.

"Thanks for doing that; I would never have expected anyone to do that for me." Kennedy replied

"Why?" I questioned. "You're so nice."

"Because people have never been nice to me, I've always been unpopular," She told me

"Well that's just stupid!" I said with a wave of my hand.

"Thanks." She said

"Hey, what class do you have first?" I asked

"Um, I think I have History first," Kennedy explained, unsure

"No way! I have History first too; do you want to walk to class together?" I questioned

"Sure, let's go." She smiled

She is cute.

We walked to class together. My eyes kept wondering up and down her body. She's magnificent! No not her boobs! Well those too but, the way her body curves. No I'm not calling her fat, she is quite thin actually.

I sat at my desk trying to concentrate but, my mind kept wondering back to last year.

I had just turned sixteen; Alyssa, my girlfriend at the time, and I had just gotten into a fight. I smacked her when she started call me names. She stormed out and I knew where she was going.

Tyler's house.

I chased after her but to no avail; she already had run down the street.

"Mister Johnson!" Someone yelled

I snapped back into reality and stared at the teacher.

"Yes?" I asked

"Do you know who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?" She asked

"John Wilkes Booth." I answered

"Oh…Well…Correct." She said, astonished

I looked over at Kennedy; she wasn't paying attention either.

Good she didn't see me make a complete fool out of myself.

By the time, lunch rolled around I had been caught staring into space five times.

I need to get my mind off things.

I just got my lunch when I saw Kennedy motioning for me to come over.

I began to walk over to her. She is sitting next to a blonde girl, a brunette chick that looks like I did in History class and a girl who looks like a human version of Barbie.

I walked over to her table and sat next to her.

"Hey Alex," Kennedy said with excitement

"Hey Kennedy," I replied

"Alex, this is my best friend Autumn, her sister Phoebe, and her sisters friend Jazmine," Kennedy smiled

"Nice to meet you all," I greeted

After lunch, the day flew by and soon it was time to go home.

I walked with Kennedy, Phoebe, and Autumn.

"So how did your first day go Kennedy?" I asked

"I had a great day!" She said joyfully

"Good." I smiled

We came up to Autumn and Phoebe's house, Kennedy and I started to walk alone.

"Um...K-Kennedy," I stuttered

"What is something wrong?" Kennedy asked

"No nothing's wrong I was just wondering if um…." I said trailing off

"Just wondering what?" She questioned

"If I could hold your hand?" I asked

"Y-Yes," She sputtered

We held hands all the way to her house then I asked her,

"Um K-Kennedy, do you um want to go for some ice cream tomorrow?"

"Sure!" Kennedy said happily

"Okay see you tomorrow bye," I said as a huge grin started to form on my face

"Bye," She said with joy

I grinned all the way home.

"I'm home!" I yelled once I got in my house

"No one cares!" My sister, Jennifer, yelled

I walked up to my room and threw my backpack down.

I got out my homework and started it.

I was on my last Math problem when, my cell phone rang.

"Talk to me." I answered

"Yo," Tyler's voice came over the receiver

"What's up?" I asked

"The sky, birds, clouds, trees…" Tyler trailed off

"Smart mouth!" I exclaimed

"That's what I'm known for." I couldn't see him but I knew he had a smirk on his face

"How was the first day of senior year?" We both asked at the same time

"You'll never guess who transferred," I told him

"Who?" Tyler questioned

"Sanders." I stated

"You're kidding right?" Tyler asked

"Nope, he transferred." I explained

"Does he remember you?" Tyler questioned

"Yeah," I said

"Did he pound you?" Tyler wondered

"No…" I stretched it

"Good Lord! What happened?" Tyler asked

"Get this I smacked him." I told Tyler

"You did what!" Tyler exclaimed

"I smacked him because he knocked someone down," I explained

"Let me guess, a girl?" Tyler questioned

"Maybe," I said shortly

"Is she hot?" Tyler asked

"Yeah," I started blushing

"You're blushing aren't you?" Tyler wondered

"No," I said a little too quickly

"Mhmm, sure." Tyler said

"Ask her out." Tyler demanded

"I did." I told him

"You better-Wait! You did what!" Tyler yelled

"Ice cream. Tomorrow." I stated

"Dang!" Tyler stretched it

"I know." I smirked even though he couldn't see me

"I know you're smirking." Tyler said

"Dangit," I muttered

"I heard that!" Tyler exclaimed

"Hey I have at least two more pages of homework and it's almost ten I gotta go." I explained to him

"Okay let me know how your little date goes." Tyler replied

I was about to retort when Tyler hung up the phone.

I set my phone down and got back to my homework.

Once I finished I laid down and fell asleep.

I hope this goes better than the last time.


Let me tell you this. I have been caught staring into space three times today.

At least it's lunch time now.

I walked into the cafeteria, got my lunch and sat down next to Autumn and Phoebe.

"So, tell me about the cutie that you walked into History class with." Autumn demanded

I explained to her how the jock pushed me down, how Alex smacked him, and how I was going to work up the courage to ask him out.

"You like him?" Autumn questioned carefully

"Kinda," I smiled a small smile

"Tell him." Autumn commanded

"Not yet," I said

"Why not?" Phoebe asked

"I don't want to scare him off!" I exclaimed

"Scare who off?" Someone questioned

I looked up to see a girl who looked like she was a hooker.

"Hey Jazmine," Phoebe greeted

"Hey Phoebe!" The fake Barbie exclaimed, sitting down at our table

"Jaz, this is my sister Autumn, and our friend Kennedy." Phoebe introduced

"Autumn, Kennedy, this is my friend Jazmine, from cheer squad." Phoebe explained

"Hi," I smiled, looking down at my food

"Nice to meet you," Autumn said with annoyance in her voice

I looked behind me and saw Alex; I motioned for him to come over.

Alex walked over and sat down next to me.

"Hey Alex," I greeted

"Hey Kennedy," Alex smiled slightly

"Alex, this is my best friend Autumn, her sister Phoebe, and her sisters friend Jazmine," I explained

"Nice to meet you all," Alex said cheerfully

After lunch was over, the day flew on by.

Alex and I figured out that we have three classes together, History, Math, and English.

I never would have thought that I would have such a great first day, especially because of how it started.

To top it all off, Alex walked home with me, along with Autumn and Phoebe.

"So how did your first day go Kennedy?" Alex asked

"I had a great day!" I said joyfully

"Good." Alex smiled

We came up to Autumn and Phoebe's house. Alex and I started to walk alone.

"Um...K-Kennedy," Alex stuttered

"What is something wrong?" I asked

"No nothing's wrong I was just wondering if um…." Alex said trailing off

"Just wondering what?" I questioned

"If I could hold your hand?" Alex wondered

"Y-Yes," I sputtered

We held hands all the way to my house.

We were on my front porch when Alex asked,

"Um K-Kennedy, do you um want to go for some ice cream tomorrow?"

"Sure!" I replied happily

"Okay see you tomorrow bye," Alex smiled

"Bye," I said as I walked into my house

Once I got up to my room, I called Autumn.

"Autumn here," Autumn answered

"I have a date with Alex!" I squealed

"First. Ouch! Second. You have a date with who?" Autumn asked

"Alex!" I squealed again

"The boy who walked us home?" Autumn questioned

"Yes! How many Alex's do you know?" I asked sarcastically

"One." Autumn stated

"Exactly," I said in a 'No duh!' tone

"See, this school is going to be great!" Autumn exclaimed

"Yeah, I can't wait!" I squealed, again

"I have five pages of homework left, talk to you tomorrow okay?" Autumn asked

"See ya!" I exclaimed, hanging up the phone

I got out my homework, and started on my math.

Hmm….What am I going to wear?


Thursday, August eleventh.



For the first time in years, I willingly got up for school.

Yes, Kennedy has had that much of an effect on me.

After getting dressed, I walked downstairs to see a note on the fridge.

"Sweetie, I had to take a business trip at last minute. I should be back by Friday night. Kiss. kiss. Love Mom,"

Of course! Another stupid business trip.

"Hey little bro," Jennifer greeted, breaking me from my thoughts

"Hey Jenna," I smiled

"Don't call me Jenna!" Jennifer exclaimed

"Whatever, I'm gonna head off for school." I told her

"It's only," Jennifer paused, looking at her watch "Dangit! I overslept! It's freaking seven forty five! See ya little bro I gotta go I'm late!" Jenna yelled as she rushed out the door

I grabbed my backpack, and walked out the door.

The walk to school isn't that long, fifteen minutes if I walked real slow.

I walked in the schoolyard and saw Brad and the human Barbie, Jazmine, swapping spit.

"Hey Sanders, if you're going to swap spit go in the locker room!" I yelled, feeling bold

I didn't even turn to see if he heard me I just kept walking.

I leaned against my locker, looking around.

Hmm I guess he didn't hear me.

I got out my IPod and put my ear buds in.

I closed my eyes and started listening to Photograph by Nickelback.

"Look at this photograph, every time I do it makes me laugh, how your eyes get so red, and what the-"I started singing but someone punched me in the gut

I pulled out my ear buds, as I looked at the person that punched me.

"Hey, Brad," I greeted flinching slightly

"I couldn't kick your-"Brad started but was cut off by the bell ringing and kids rushing in

"This isn't over." Brad threatened

I sighed in relief.

Hey, there is Kennedy.

I smiled.

This is gonna be a good day.




I woke up around seven thirty, to my alarm clock ringing.

After getting dressed, I walked downstairs to see that my Mom and sister already left.

I walked into the kitchen and found a note taped to the fridge.

"Kennedy, your sister and I left for work. I have a business meeting tonight, I'll be home late. There is money on the table for pizza, don't wait up for me. Love you, Mom."

I leaned against the counter and sighed.

I grabbed my locket that's around my neck, and opened it, admiring the picture of Daddy and me.

"I really miss you Daddy," I whispered, holding the locket near my heart

My Daddy died when I was five and my sister was eight.

I looked at the clock above the stove and saw that it was nearly eight.

"Oh heck," I muttered

I grabbed my backpack, and rushed out the door.

I just about ran to school, I made it in just as the bell rang.

Hey, there's Alex.

"Hey Alex," I said while getting my books out of my locker

"Hey Kennedy," Alex smiled

"What time do you want to go get ice cream today?" Alex asked

"Um four I guess." I shrugged

"Okay cool," Alex said nonchalantly

"Do you want to walk to class together?" Alex questioned

"Sure!" I exclaimed

That class flew by and so did the next finally it was time for lunch. I got my lunch and sat down with Autumn, Phoebe and, none other than the skanky Barbie, Jazmine.

"Hey guys," I sat down

"Hey Kennedy," Phoebe and Autumn greeted while Jazmine was fascinated with her nails

Alex came over to me and asked,

"Is this seat taken?"

"Nope," I replied as Alex sat next to me

"So, this is the cutie that Kennedy has said so much about." Autumn stated

Oh, I'm so gonna kill her.

"Uh, I g-guess so," Alex looked scared

"When are you going to ask her out?" Phoebe asked

And her.

"I already did," Alex smiled

"Well you better-What!" Phoebe exclaimed

"We're going out for ice cream today," Alex shrugged

Autumn has this 'Time to scare him.' Look on her face.

"Hey! Alex, can you come with me for a minute?" Autumn questioned as she stood up

"Sure," Alex said, standing up

Ah, hell.




"Sure," I stood up

Autumn dragged me by the wrist over to a corner.

"Alright, look. Kennedy is like my sister, she fell in love the last time a boy like you came along, and she got hurt because the boy had to move. Never contacted her again," Autumn paused "The point is, she got hurt in the past and if you hurt her you won't like what happens." Autumn threatened as she poked my chest

"I may look tiny but, I took down a football player back at Oakridge because he smacked my sister. So are we clear?" Autumn asked

I nodded. I'll admit it, I'm scared of her.

"Good," Autumn smiled evilly

"What was the football player's name?" I questioned

"He goes by his last name. Flanders, um no it was Sanders." Autumn shrugged

Autumn took down Sanders? Dang!

"Come on, let's go sit back down." Autumn nodded towards the table

"Yeah," We started walking back to the table

I'm scared of her now.

As we sat down, Kennedy gave me a look that said 'Please tell me she didn't scare you,'

I shrugged.

Kennedy glared at Autumn, while Autumn lightly snickered.




Autumn and Alex went to 'talk'.

Which means, she's about to threaten him.

"Why didn't you stop her?" I asked Phoebe

"You've known us since second grade; you should know that there is no stopping that woman." Phoebe laughed

I huffed.

"I just hope she doesn't scare him off." I told her

"She won't. The worst she can do is tell him how she kicked Sanders jerky little booty," Phoebe shrugged

"Oh Lord," I banged my head on the table

"Hey, could you, like, not shake the table?" Jazmine asked

I glared at her.

Okay Kennedy, just eat your food, everything will be just fine.

About five minutes later, Autumn and Alex came back and sat down.

I looked at Alex with a 'Did she scare you?' look on my face.

He shrugged.

I glared at Autumn, she snickered.

After lunch was over me and Alex walked to Math together, he and I sat next to each other in every class we had. When seventh period ended, Alex and I went to our lockers and put our books away and he and I walked home alone this time because Autumn and Phoebe rode the bus today.

"Come on in." I smiled

"Okay," Alex said

"I'll be ready to go get ice cream in a minute," I said as I walked off to my room

"Okay take your time." Alex shrugged

I walked to my room and got my pink skirt and purple shirt on and came back out and said,

"I'm ready to go,"

"Wow you look beautiful!" Alex exclaimed

"T-Thank you," I said nervously stuttered

We walked to the ice cream place.

"Thanks for taking me to get ice cream Alex." I said while licking my ice cream cone

"My pleasure," Alex said

"This is kinda like a date huh?" I asked

"Kinda I guess," Alex replied

"We should do this again sometime," I told him

"Um I got tickets to a ball game this Saturday if you wanna come?" Alex asked

"Sure I'll come who all is going?" I wondered

"Just me, you and my Mom," Alex explained

"Cool I'll ask if I can go with you," I said

"No need my Mom already spoke to your Mom you can come." Alex told me

Wow he works fast, I thought to myself.

"Yay!" I said squealing

"Hey, it's getting late I should be getting you home." Alex said

"Yeah, it's after five-thirty my Mom wanted me home by six," I told him

He walked me home, we stood on the front porch and said 'Goodbye' to each other, and right before I was about to go in when he said,

"Kennedy wait!" Alex said

"What?" I said

"I was wondering if umm…" Alex said while rubbing his neck

"You were wondering what?" I asked

"I was wondering if I could give you a kiss goodnight?" Alex questioned

"S-Sure" I said nervously

He leaned in and kissed me, it felt magical!

After he kissed me we both said 'Goodbye' once again and went inside my house and immediately called Autumn.

"Hey Autumn," I said

"Hey Kennedy how was your little date with Alex?" Autumn asked

"It was wonderfully magical!" I exclaimed

"What happened?" Autumn questioned

"Well we went and got ice cream and he invited me to a ball game this Saturday and..." I said

"And..." Autumn trailed off sarcastically

"When he walked me home we said goodbye and before I walked in he asked if he could kiss me." I explained

"What did you say?" Autumn asked

"I said yes and the kiss was magical!" I exclaimed with excitement

"Okay you obviously like him," Autumn said

"That's a no duh!" I said sarcastically

"Well... What are you going to do?" Autumn questioned

"I'm not telling him until I'm sure I really like him," I told her

"Okay hey, I still have stupid homework to do talk to you later." Autumn said with a sigh

"Okay bye," I replied as I hung up the phone




After school was over Kennedy and I went to her house because she needed to get ready.

"Come on in." She smiled

"Okay," I said

"I'll be ready to go get ice cream in a minute," Kennedy said as she walked off to her room

"Okay take your time." I shrugged

I leaned up against the wall and waited for Kennedy to return.

About five minutes later, Kennedy emerged from her room in a pink skirt and purple shirt.

Hot dang!

"I'm ready to go," Kennedy said

"Wow you look beautiful!" I exclaimed

"T-Thank you," She nervously stuttered

We walked to the ice cream place.

"Thanks for taking me to get ice cream Alex." Kennedy said while licking her ice cream cone

"My pleasure," I replied

"This is kinda like a date huh?" She asked

"Kinda I guess," I replied

"We should do this again sometime," She told me

I just remembered that my Mom is friends with Kennedy's Mom. Mom told me to invite Kennedy to the ball game on Saturday.

"Um I got tickets to a ball game this Saturday if you wanna come?" I asked

"Sure I'll come who all is going?" She wondered

"Just me, you and my Mom," I explained

"Cool I'll ask if I can go with you," She said

"No need my Mom already spoke to your Mom you can come." I told her

I really hope that didn't sound stalker-ish.

"Yay!" She said, squealing

"Hey, it's getting late I should be getting you home." I explained

"Yeah it's after five-thirty my Mom wanted me home by six," Kennedy said

I walked her home, we stood on the front porch and said 'Goodbye' to each other, and right before Kennedy was about to go in when I said,

"Kennedy wait!"

"What?" Kennedy asked

"I was wondering if umm…" I said while rubbing my neck

Nervous habit.

"You were wondering what?" She questioned

"I was wondering if I could give you a kiss goodnight?" I wondered

"S-Sure" She said nervously

I leaned in and kissed her, I hate to sound like one of those little prissy girls from the movies. But it felt like sparks flew. After I kissed her, we both said 'Goodbye' once again and she went inside her house

I went home and started to call Tyler, but I decided against it.

I will tell him tomorrow.

I laid in my bed until I was called down for dinner.

I ate dinner and went to bed wondering what it would be like if Tyler had transferred too.


Friday, August twelfth.



After five years, I'm finally going back to public school.

You probably want to know who I am don't you?

I am Tyler Thompson, my real last name is Mitchell, and for the past five years I've been homeschooled. My Mom and Dad got divorced when I was twelve, he was abusive. My Mom got custody of me; I've been raised up by a woman who I take after in so many ways. If people yell at me I cry, yes you heard right I cry. I may be a guy but, I'm not afraid to cry. I cry when I'm sad, I cry when I'm mad, because it keeps me calm.

Most of the time.

I have natural blue eyes, but I wear color contacts so my eyes are brown. I have natural brown hair, but I dyed it blonde.

You are probably wondering why I go to so many lengths to make myself look different. When my Mom and Dad got divorced, he threatened to kill us both. So, my Mom told me to make myself look different.

She homeschooled me for five years, but she has work and can't do it anymore.

Today is my first day as a senior at Eastwoods High. My best friend, Alex, goes there too.

I used to go to Oakridge Middle school, but I had to move across town because of my Dad.

When I went to Oakridge, I was in love with a girl. Her name was Kennedy Smith, I cried for weeks after we left. She never felt the same way for me.

Alex told me I had to get over her, up until last year he was homeschooled too. He never met her, he'd understand if he did. Last year, I finally convince myself that I would never see her again so, I moved on.

Tried to. I never fully moved on, but hey at least I tried.

So, now I'm about to walk into Eastwoods High.

With one final glance around, I walk into school.

I just had reached my locker, when I looked over to my left and saw the shock of my life.


What was she doing here?

And why was she hanging out with Alex?

I was putting some stuff in my locker when, someone tapped on my shoulder.

I turned around to see Brad Sanders.

"What?" I asked

He couldn't possibly know it was me. We haven't seen each other since seventh grade.

"Mitchell, is that you?" Brad questioned

"How the?" I raised an eyebrow

"You may have changed your hair color, but I still know how you dress. I'm not an idiot." Brad explained

"Right, how have you and Alex been getting along?" I wondered

You see, Brad and I used to be neighbors, before I met Alex we were really close. Then the first time Alex and Brad met, they ended up almost putting each other in the hospital. After that, Brad moved and we lost touch.

"I almost pounded him yesterday, but the bell rung so I didn't," Brad shrugged

"Why do y'all hate each other?" I asked, closing my locker

"He stole Alyssa from me." Brad grunted

"You never told me that," I told him

"Yeah, he's a little-" Brad balled his fists up, taking deep breathes

I patted his back.

"I know he's lucky he has what he does." I glared over at Alex holding Kennedy's hand

"Kennedy is here." Brad told me

I eyed him carefully.

"How do you know who Kennedy is?" I asked

"We used to be neighbors, walls aren't that thick." Brad laughed

"So you…." I trailed off

"Yes I know how you were in love with her; I can see why she's hot!" Brad exclaimed

I glared at him.

"I know, I know, back off your girl." Brad held his hands up in surrender

"She's not my girl, by the looks of it she's Alex's." I banged my head on the locker

"Want my help?" Brad asked

I looked at him with a confused look on my face.

"I want you two to be together as much as you do, I can help show Kennedy the violent side of Alex." Brad has this evil smirk on his face

"You rule," I stated

"I know," Brad laughed

"Let's get to class," I nodded towards the classroom

"Oh and don't tell him I'm here." I whispered

Brad gave the thumbs up as we sat down.



That next day I got up excited because today was Friday, which meant that tomorrow Alex and I would be going to a ball game and I was so happy I skipped all the way to school.

When I got to school Alex was in front of my locker.

"Hey Alex what's up?" I asked

"Hey Kennedy, not much I was just waiting for you," Alex said

Waiting for me? Why would he be waiting for me? I thought.

"Waiting for me why?" I asked with curiosity

"Because I need to talk to you about something," Alex said nervously

"Talk to me about what?" I asked with worry in my voice

"Um I can't tell you here I'll tell you at lunch," Alex said

"Okay, um Alex is there something wrong you seem nervous?" I asked

"No nothing's wrong I just have something to ask you." Alex reassured me

"Okay," I said

"Hey want to walk to class together?" Alex asked

"Sure." I said happily

History class went by fast and so did the classes after that and finally lunch came I grabbed my lunch and sat down with Autumn and her sister. Jazmine on the other hand was nowhere to be found thank god I thought to myself I cannot stand how fake she is she's like a life sized Barbie.

"Hey, hey, party people!" I said as I sat down

"Hey Kennedy," Both Phoebe and Autumn said simultaneously

"Hey Kennedy, where's your little Boyfriend?" Phoebe teased

"He's not my Boyfriend. Not yet at least," I said while I glared at Autumn

"Sure he isn't." Phoebe replied sarcastically

"Speak of the devil!" Autumn said as she pointed at Alex walking towards us

"Hey Kennedy," Alex said completely ignoring Phoebe and Autumn

"Hey Alex," I said

"Can I talk to you alone for a second Kennedy?" Alex asked

"Sure," I said as I got up to go with him

We walked over to the corner and started talking.

"Um Kennedy," Alex stuttered

"Yes Alex?" I asked

"Would you umm maybe want to go out for pizza after the ball game tomorrow?" Alex asked

"Um Sure," I said nervously

"Cool!" Alex exclaimed

Just then, a brown-eyed boy with dirty blonde hair came up behind Alex and yelled,


"Tyler!" Alex yelled at him and the brown-eyed boy did the man hug thing

"What's up buddy?" Alex asked

"Not much," the brown-eyed boy said

"I thought you weren't transferring." Alex said

"Well I did!" the brown-eyed boy said

"Umm Alex," I said shyly

"Oh right sorry Tyler this is my friend Kennedy, Kennedy this is my buddy Tyler," Alex said

"Hi Tyler, nice to meet you," I said while shaking his hand

"Hi Kennedy, nice to meet you too," Tyler said

"I'm gonna go sit back down Alex see you tomorrow." I said happily walking off



"What's going on tomorrow?" Tyler asked

"Um..." I trailed off

"Tell me!" Tyler insisted

"I got a date with her tomorrow," I admitted

"You got a what?" Tyler said while raising his voice a little

"Keep your voice down!" I said trying to hush him up

"Okay, now tell me you got a what?" Tyler asked

"A date with Kennedy," I said

"Wow dude you work fast," Tyler said

"First me and her are going to a ball game with my Mom and then just me and her are going for pizza." I explained

"Dude is this your first date with her?" Tyler wondered

"Nope." I exclaimed

"No! When did you go for your first date?" Tyler asked

"Thursday we went for ice cream," I explained

"She's the girl you were talking about?" Tyler questioned

"Yeah I know plus she's beautiful," I said

"Dude! What happened to the old Alex that would call girls hot?" Tyler asked

"I'm still the old Alex it's just something about her that doesn't say she's hot but she's beautiful." I said

"Dude, you like her don't you?" Tyler Asked

"Yeah, but I swear if you tell her-" I said as Tyler cut me off

"Dude! I'm not gonna tell her I wouldn't do that to you,"

"How do I tell her I like her?" I asked

"Well...Wait until your third date and when you walk her home tell her right before she goes inside." Tyler said

"Good idea," I said

"Well I'm gonna go get my lunch," Tyler said walking off

"Alright see ya later!" I said walking back to the table




"Hey guys, I'm back." I said

"Hey Kennedy," Both Phoebe and Autumn simultaneously

"Who is that boy that is talking to Alex?" Autumn asked

"That's his friend Tyler he just transferred here." I explained

"And you know this how?" Phoebe asked

"Alex introduced me," I explained

"He likes you, you know." Autumn stated

"How do you know?" I asked

"I don't know I just have a feeling," Autumn shrugged

"Yeah, and you also had a feeling that our math teacher back at Oakridge was a vampire!" I exclaimed

"Yeah but this is different," Autumn said

"I don't care. I'm not going to tell him that I like him." I said to her

"I'm gonna say 'I told you so' when you find out he likes you," Autumn told me

"Yeah, yeah I know," I said

"Well I got to get to class see ya." I said walking off




After school was over Tyler and I went to my house and started talking

"Hey Alex what's up with you?" Tyler asked

"Not much, I'm nervous." I said nervously

"Why are you nervous exactly?" Tyler questioned curiously

"Because..." I trailed off

"Because why?" Tyler wondered

"Because of tomorrow," I told him

"Dude! Don't be nervous tomorrow is gonna be great!" Tyler explained

"Yeah but I can hardly speak when I'm around her." I said

"Dude! I overheard you talking to her in the lunchroom you seem to talk fine," Tyler said

"Yeah, that's at school when we're alone I feel so awkward." I explained

"Dude!" Tyler exclaimed

"Don't you dude me," I said with annoyance in my voice

"You really like this chick don't you?" Tyler asked

"Duh have you not seen me around her?" I exclaimed

"No, not yet but you seemed fine today in the cafeteria," Tyler said

"Well my palms sweat I get nervous and I can barely speak!" I said while raising my voice

"Dude! Calm down you know I don't like it when you or anybody for that matter yells." Tyler stated

"Sorry it's just that I'm nervous," I said

"I'll see you tomorrow okay?" Tyler asked as he got up

"Okay bye," I said

Argh! I don't know what I'm getting myself into?




After school was over, I called Autumn.

"I can't wait until tomorrow!" I exclaimed

"Because of your little date with Alex?" Asked Autumn

"You know it!" I stated

"Are you gonna tell him you like him?" Autumn asked

"No, Autumn I'm not gonna tell him," I told her

"Fine, have it your way. But when he tells you he likes you, you know what I'm gonna say right?" Autumn questioned

"Yeah, yeah, I know." I said

"I'll talk to you tomorrow I still have to pick out what I'm gonna wear," I said

"Alright bye," Autumn replied as she hung up the phone

What am I getting myself into?

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