Of Sundaes And Invitations.

Wednesday, August thirty-first.



"No I didn't!" Kennedy yelled

"Why would Alex lie about something like that?" I asked

"Because he hates me." Kennedy stressed

"I kissed her," Brad butted in

"Is that true?" I questioned

"Yes," Brad and Kennedy both said in a 'No duh' tone

"Why did you say she kissed him?" I asked Alex

"She did!" Alex exclaimed

"Why should I believe you?" I asked

"Because we have been friends since kindergarten." Alex stressed

"Well we're not anymore." I glared

"Come on babe," I said, picking her up bridal style and kissing her

We pulled away and I said,

"I'm sorry for yelling at you."

"It's okay," She smiled

"Let's get to class." I chuckled

"Okay," She nodded

We went to class.

I was kinda in a daze when Kennedy passed me a note.

"Hey," Kennedy greeted

"Hey," I passed the note to her

"I want to kiss you so badly," She told me

"You're so cute." I said

"No you are," She argued

I was just about to pass her another note when the teacher came over and asked,

"Mister Thompson would you like to share what you have to say to Miss Smith with the rest of the class?"

"No ma'am," I shook my head

"I thought so." The teacher nodded, walking back to her desk

I looked at Kennedy, she has that I'm sorry look on her face.

"It's okay," I whispered

The remainder of the class flew by and so did the next.

Finally, it was lunch time; I walked with Kennedy to the cafeteria.

We got our lunch and sat down at a table with Autumn, Phoebe, and Brad.

"Hey guys," Kennedy greeted

"Hey Autumn, hey Phoebe," I said, ignoring Brad

"Phoebe, I think there is something you should know," Kennedy told her

"What would that be Kennedy?" Phoebe asked

"Brad kissed me." Kennedy stated

"He what!" Phoebe exclaimed

"You what?" Phoebe asked Brad

"It was a dare, it meant nothing I swear." Brad rushed to tell her

Phoebe then stood up with tears in her eyes and said,

"We're through you insensitive pig."

Phoebe ran away; Autumn followed her while I sat there in shock.

Brad stood up and yelled,


"Me," Kennedy smirked, looking up at him

"You're so going to get it now!" Brad yelled

I stood up and said,

"Don't count on it Sanders,"

Brad just stormed off.

"How about we skip class?" Kennedy asked

"Okay," I nodded

We got up and snuck out the front door.

Kennedy and I walked hand in hand to Whitman's Diner.

When we got to Whitman's Diner, we sat in a corner booth.

"What gave you the urge to skip school?" I asked

"I couldn't stand being in the same building with Brad or Alex much less the same room," Kennedy explained

I wrapped my arms around her and said,

"I love you,"

I kissed her forehead.

"I love you too," She cooed

"Are you two lovebirds ready to order?" The waitress asked

"Yeah," I nodded

I ordered the chili cheese dog and Kennedy ordered the bacon cheeseburger.

"So, I have a little surprise for you." I told her

"Really what would that be?" Kennedy asked

"You'll see," I smirked

Just then, we were interrupted by the waitress with our food.

"Here is the chili cheese dog for the little cutie patootie with a Green Day shirt on," The waitress started, handing me my food

"And for his brown haired beauty the bacon cheeseburger." The waitress finished, setting down Kennedy's food

"My boss noticed how cute you two look together so she sent over the lovebird special," The waitress explained, sitting down a gigantic ice cream sundae with two spoons in the shape of hearts

"Thank you," Kennedy and I both smiled

We ate our food and most of the huge sundae.

I checked the time, it's three o clock time for the surprise I have planned for Kennedy.

"Come on I want to show you your surprise." I said, grabbing her hand and leading her out the door

"Where are you taking me?" She asked

"You'll see," I smirked




By the time, Tyler and I got to a local Wal-Mart I was beyond confused.

What is he up to?




I lead Kennedy to where there was a little presentation going on.

We stood there as they presented many dresses, once all the dresses were shown the person known as my aunt said,

"Now, before we end the presentation my nephew Tyler wants to say something to his girlfriend Kennedy."

Kennedy gaped as I grabbed her hand and lead her up on stage.

My aunt handed me the microphone; I kneeled down on one knee, took Kennedy's hand and asked,

"Kennedy. Will you go to the Winter Formal with me?"

With her free hand she covered her mouth.

Tear glistened in her eyes as she said,

"Yes of course I will!"

I got up off my knee; I handed my aunt the microphone and kissed her right up on stage.

"Good going little man!" Aunt Jenny exclaimed

We pulled away and I said,

"Thanks Aunt Jenny,"

"No problem kiddo." She waved her hand

Kennedy and I walked out of the mall.

Kennedy turned to me and said,

"You're so sweet,"

"No you are." I argued

Before she could say another word, I picked her up bridal style and kissed her.

We pulled away and she said,

"Let's not forget corny. You are very corny,"

"You love it," I chuckled

"What time is it?" She questioned

I looked at my watch and said,

"Four o' clock,"

"We should get home." Kennedy suggested

"I agree," I agreed as I started walking with her still in my arms

"Aren't you going to put me down?" She asked

"Nope I'm carrying you," I told her

"I love you," She cooed

"I love you too," I kissed her forehead

We arrived home about ten minutes later.

I set Kennedy down when we got to the front door.

We walked in to the sound of yelling.




When we walked in, we heard yelling.

I ran into the kitchen and asked,

"What the H-E double hockey sticks is going on here?"

"Your sister took Trevor back." Mom explained angrily

After he hit our car!

"You what!" I asked, anger filling my body

"I took Trevor back." Skyler explained calmly

"Are you dense woman?" I asked, okay, more like stated

"No," Skyler replied, giving me the do-I-look-stupid look

"I have been keeping this from you long enough you need to know something." I told her

"And what would that be?" She questioned

"Trevor," I started

"What about him?" Skyler asked

"He hit our car anyone with a brain can figure that out!" I yelled

"No he didn't," Skyler said, raising her voice slightly

"Yeah he did," Tyler pointed out from beside me

"Shut up Tyler," Skyler barked

"Don't tell him to shut up," I glared, my blood boiling

"You can shut up too," Skyler stated

"Don't tell her to shut up," Tyler defended

"Whatever I'm going to my room," Skyler told us, storming off

After Skyler stormed off, Tyler and I went to sit on the couch, while Mom went to her office.

"I'm tired," I mumbled

Tyler wrapped me in his warm embrace and said,

"Then go to sleep beautiful."

"I love you," I said, drifting off to sleep

"I love you too," He whispered

I fell asleep in his arms, until someone banged on the door.

I slid out of sleeping Tyler's arms and looked at the clock. Hmm it's eight o' clock at night, who could be knocking at the door this late?

I opened the door and I really wish I hadn't.


A/N: Dun, dun, dun! Trevor's back! What trouble could he bring? What do you think of how Tyler asked Kennedy to the Winter Formal? Sweet? Or corny? Both maybe? What do you think of Skyler taking Trevor back? Who do you like better Tyler or Kennedy? Spencer or Trevor? Alex or Brad? Skyler or Charlotte? Let me know!

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