I'm deeply in love with Warren Brayton, I follow him, I sometimes keep watch on him and check if someone ever bullies him, I'll make them pay. The only problem is he doesn't even notice me, I tried to talk to him and whenever he sees me, its like he forgot that I talked to him, he doesn't even look at me, sometimes I think he avoids me.

Oh, yeah some of my friends call me a psychotic because of my drawings, that's true, I admit it. I'm a psycho. I remembered the time I killed Warren's girlfriend, I killed her because she always hurts Warren, while Warren's been nice with her! And she's a bitch. I remembered how I killed her.

She's all alone, walking on the street on the dark night, I followed her and knew where she and her had a big fight and its all her fault! I don't know why Warren picked her as her girlfriend. Is it because she have long blonde hair and hot? Or is it because she have a perfect face? Does Warren doesn't like my dark hair or is he just picky?

I saw her house and waited behind the light post with my hood on, I wore my gray jacket. I saw her getting her keys.

I've been watching her for a while so I can kill her but every time, I try to strike she always bring her friends but now, I can kill her! I walked towards her house and tapped her "Hi, you're Andrea, Warrens girlfriend right?" I said.

"Uh, yeah. Um, who are you?", she asked curiously.

"Oh, I'm Celestria. I go to the same school as you", I put on my fake smile.

"Wait, are you that girl who won the singing contest last month?"

"Yep, that's me" I said still smiling at her. I still have my hood on. "Can I come inside? I have to talk to you about something important"

"Oh, sure", and with that she opened the door using her keys "Can you make it quick, I have something very important to do"

"Don't worry this won't take too long", I looked around, her house is really pretty, then I pulled off my hood. "Where are your parents?", I asked.

"They said they're gonna be out tonight. Look can you skip to the important thing", she said impatiently.I looked at her and smiled, I walked towards her "You know the important thing I want to say to you is that...", I whispered something in her ear and she just stood there curiously "...you shouldn't have hurt my Warren" and with that I pushed her on the floor, I sat on top of her and grabbed my knife that's been hidden behind my shirt and began to stab her in the chest over and over again while laughing. I like my laugh, I laugh like a little girl. Then, I stopped looking at her, blood all over the floor and on my knife. I stood up and looked at the window, good thing they have thick curtains. I smiled and walked towards the back door putting my knife inside my jacket, not caring if there's too much blood on it.

And that's how I killed Warrens girlfriend, good thing no one saw me that night and no one is out.

Oh, yeah. My name's Celestria Johanna I have a long dark hair and brown eyes and I'm an only child living with my strict parents, who sometimes beats me up every time I've done something wrong. And I'm Warren Braytons psychotic stalker.