That morning I saw Warren with his friends, it was three days ago when I killed Warrens girlfriend. Now, police are investigating. I wore my blue shirt and skirt and my boots. I saw Warrens sad face since I killed Andrea, I don't get it. How could he miss someone who's a bitch like her? I sighed still looking at him his friends are laughing and he's still so sad. I want to hug him, comfort him and tell him how much I loved him but I can't do that with his friends around.

"Let me guess, you're abnormal" one of my friend said, her brown hairs tied into a pony tail.

"I think", I said to her while looking at Warren. We were in the canteen.

"Ugh, can you please look at me for a second. You haven't even touched your food yet!" her voice too loud that made me look at her.

"What? I don't want to eat, okay?" then I looked back at Warren, he's kinda weird today he looks worn out, his brown hair kinda messy. He didn't even touched his food. He's just there staring at his friends while they laugh.

I followed him after school, I saw him go to a bar, he's been drinking. I went after him and sat beside him I stared at him for a while then he noticed me "What do you want Celestria?" he asked weakly.

"I just want you to know that I'll always be here for you and that you can talk to me whenever you want, I want us to be friends or more than that" I said while smiling at him, hoping that he would accept my offer but all he did was laugh and looked at me "You little stalker"

I can smell his breath but I don't mind. Then I just stared at him, "Please, just stop it. Stop whatever you're doing" he said as he stood up and walked out. Wow, I talked to him for the 5th time!

I followed him and walked besides him, I can see that he's limping, I saw the eye bugs on his eyes I bet he's not sleeping well. Then he laid down and smiled at me. Damn! He really cute when he smiles. "Come on, people are looking" I said looking around, whenever someone walks pass us they all looked at Warren. A group of boys looked at us and laughed, I gave them a deadly glare then they continued walking.

"Fine, I'll stand up", he stood and he almost fell, I grabbed him by the arms and steadied him "You can come to my house and stay there for a while until you're better"

He looked at me like I'm luring him into a trap "Don't worry its not that far" I said still holding his arms. I was surprised that he agreed with me.

Then here we are, my home. I'm glad that I reached our house alive that is, Warren is heavy he had his arms around me and I helped him walk. I hope my mom and dad would let him stay. Eh, I'll just sneak him in. I opened our door, good thing it isn't locked. We went in and I helped Warren to get to my room good thing my mom is asleep on the couch. I set Warren down on the floor, I couldn't take it anymore, he's heavy. I can't believe I'm so weak, my bed is just near and I couldn't even set him down there. "I'm sorry, Warren. I couldn't take it anymore" I said, panting.

He sat up his eyes closed "I'm fine" he said weakly. "Why? Why are you following me? Why can't you leave me alone?", he opened his beautiful eyes and looked at me.

I sat in front of him "Isn't it obvious? I love you Warren" I said to him "I'll protect you, I won't let you get hurt and I promise you I will always love you" I moved my face closely to his and kissed him, I'm surprised that he didn't pulled away and returned my kiss. This is the best day of my life! He had his hand on my neck and mine on his chest.

I pulled away, I needed some air. I looked at him wondering what he was thinking, instead he kissed me again and started to pull my skirt down. I pulled away when I heard my mother calling my name asking if I was home and I remembered I didn't close the door downstairs. Damn it! Just when he's about to do something. "Stay here", I stood up and pulled up my skirt, I opened the door and looked back I saw him smiling. I smiled and closed the door. I ran downstairs and saw my mothers angry face, her blonde hair still messy "Why did you leave the door open! What if a thief went in?", her angry voice made me jump.

"I'm sorry. I won't do it again", I said looking down.

"You worthless drat! I regretted the day I adopted you!", she grabbed a belt and whipped my leg, I knelt in pain. She started to whip my back and arms until its all red, she started shouting dirty words on me. Tears ran down my eyes, I wanted to scream in pain. I remembered Warren still inside my room.

I heard someone going down, its Warren. He looked at me, shocked and at my mother holding the belt she used to hurt me. I was embarrassed he saw me crying and my mothers angry face. "Get out, boy! If you don't want to be a part of this!" my mother screamed. I looked down not wanting to see his face. He took a step forward "Celestria" his voice warmed my heart.

"Just go Warren. Just be careful on your way back" I said, wanting him to go.

"Why are you doing this?" he said to my mother.

"Who the hell are you questioning me why am I doing this? I'm her mother! I can do whatever I want to her. Now, get out!"

"Please, Warren just go home" I said begging him. "Celestria, I'll see you at school" he said to me, he walked towards the door and looked back, I looked away and I heard the door close. My mother started to scream again "Who's that? I told you none of your friends will come over!' Didn't you listen to me", her voice louder.

"For that I'll have you locked up in your room and you'll skip dinner!", with that she pulled my hair and pushed me to my room. I cried all night, not because of the pain but because Warren saw me. I'm so embarrassed.

A few minutes I was laughing and laughing. A few minutes I stopped laughing, I grabbed my cutter and started to draw on my wooden floor behind the carpet. I smiled and covered it, I lay down and remember what I'm gonna do tomorrow. I'm going to kill my mother.