She looked at the man sitting across from her at the dingy table. The dark sunglasses she wore over her face were hardly needed on such an overcast day, but she would like to keep her appearance as ordinary as possible. Dark coat, sunglasses, no makeup, and short replies all helped to keep her the anonymous entity she was.

Her smile became slightly frozen as she stopped listening to the words he was speaking or, rather, rambling. The thing about having such a good memory as hers was that she didn't easily forget. And she remembered that the man in front of her was a terrible liar. Why her employer had believed he would be of any real use to them, she had no idea.

She held up a hand. He stopped his babbling.

"Now," she said, almost purring, "It's simple. You tell me what I want to know minus the idiotic rambling, or I will kill you right here. I thought that was clear to you when you showed up, but apparently I was wrong." She smiled widely, crossing her legs and leaning back in her chair.

He inhaled deeply. "The thing is… I don't know. He must have suspected something was up, he—he never mentioned the location. I tried my best, I did."

She chuckled, looking at the ground as she pulled the sunglasses off her face. Her blue eyes hardened into ice. She slammed her fist on the table between them. "I'm not here for your best, I'm here for results. I'm here for a very specific location of a very specific item that is very important to my employer. Do you think my employer would care that you tried your best?"


"That's the smartest thing you've said all day."

In a second she had a silenced pistol leveled at his head, in the next he was laying on the ground.

She flipped open here phone, plugging in a number. "I won't be home for a few more days, sweetheart. Mommy has some more business here." Her employer hung up. He had understood her message.