Two friends walk away

Never to see each other again

Because of their anger.

Hiding behind a bush,

I start to cry.

"I should just walk away

Continue with my life."

That is what my mind tells me.


"Their relationship was shattered.

Their lives changed forever.

I should do something!"

My heart rebukes to my proud mind.

I curl up and my tears continue to stream down the creases of my face.

"Why do I cry?"

I ask myself.

Then suddenly,

I know.

I am afraid.

Afraid of who will win in this battle.

My brave heart?

Or my unrelenting mind?

I curl up more when I think of what else I am afraid of.

Who is the one that I am cheering for?

My eyes widen in fear as I think of another option.

There is only one other thing I fear.

Suddenly, I know I am right.

The person that I am the most scared of

Is myself.

It's amazing how much you think when you are thrown into certain circumstances... I hope that there is a person that benefits from this. It helped me get my feelings straight, and I hope it helps others who experience the same thing that I do. Mostly teenagers have this kind of battle going on inside of them, but others do as well. I know how terrible this feeling is, and I truly want to extinguish it. You should never have to be scared of yourself. Accept the good thing and the bad things about yourself, and you will be at peace. Also, never give up your friends, and help them when they need guidance. Everyone goes through this, and you need to help them get through it. That is what friends are for. They count for nothing if they ignore you when you are going through a difficult time. Man, I can rant a lot, can't I? Well, like I said, I hope that someone benefits from it. Writting will help you through your hardest times, as will reading. Thank you FictionPress, and thank you readers for helping me win this battle! Who won? That is a secret that you need to discover on your own.