In a distant world, there are human-like beings having unlocked 80% of their brain, their mental powers have developed enough to rearrange subatomic particles and created anything of their desire. In other words, they can create stuff. Unfortunately, they cannot do this alone. They need a source of energy, too. Since birth, these people are limited to one source as a result of genes.

Therefore the different "powers" have been specified to country with landmasses. The ten "powers" would be Eagle, Snake, Grass, Rock, Hand, Elec, Psychic, Sun, Ocean and Bug. The planet's landscape is similar but different from Earth's

Chapter 1


I woke up one afternoon, in a daze. The sun glared intensely above my eyes. I squinted and looked down. The floor was rocky, and there was nothing except sand and rock around me for miles. It was a barren desert. My back ached from sleeping for too long on the painful floor. My skin burned and I wondered how long I had been asleep.

One day? Two day? No, it must be longer. Then I thought- Where am I? Suddenly, another question came to mind. Who am I?'

I had no memory of my previous life. Not a clue- not my name, not my age, not my family. But, at least I knew that I was a male human. I slowly got up and looked myself from head to foot. I was wearing brown pants, ripped in many places. My t-shirt was worn out, the colour faded away. My feet ached from a very uncomfortable pair of worn out sneakers.

I was wearing a dark green coat on top of my shirt some of its parts buried in sand. The clothing was very inappropriate for this climate. As I took off the coat, bizarrely it got warmer.

After walking around for a while, I saw a tiny pool of water in the distance.

My throat was extremely dry for being asleep in this desert too long. I quickly walked over to the oasis and drank myself to satisfaction. Then, I saw my reflection. Until that time, I had no idea what my face looked like. I had black hair, completely black. My eyes were green. My skin was tanned from the heat of the sun.

After the long drink, I trudged a little, hoping to find someone to guide me to the nearest inhabitation. After about half an hour of walking, I finally saw two people, men on camels with a big caravan behind them.

They had ragged clothes and were very messy. One of them was short and scrawny, and the other was tall and fat. As I walked towards them, I saw them notice me. They got off their camels, and started whispering something. I only heard a few words.


I let them finish their conversation, and approached them.

I asked, "Could you please lead me to the nearest city?"

I don't know how I knew how to speak, but I did.

The tall fat man said, "Give me yer money, ya stinkin' kid."

The man had a weird southern accent and according to what he had just said, he was a bandit. A sheathed knife was strapped to one of the camels. That just proved my point.

His partner, the short one, said angrily, "Shut it with that accent. It's just a fake!"

The one with the accent cursed at the other dude and they had an argument.

I thought, 'If they're bandits, I'd better run!' And that's what I did, or at least tried to.

Just as I was turning around, they grabbed my arms, one on each side.

"Did I say you could go?" one of them said in a very threatening tone of voice,

I gulped and shook my head slowly.

"Give me your money or we'll kill you." the other bandit hissed threateningly.

And to prove the point, he unsheathed a rather sharp knife strapped to one of the camels and stuck it in front of my face.

I shouted, "Let me go, you filthy bandits! I don't have any money!"

They threw me on the ground.

The tall fat one said to the short scrawny one, "See, I told he'd have no money! He's got no place to put it!"

His partner replied, "I see your point. Go ahead and capture him. We can sell him. The people down south aren't too picky on slaves, they might even give us six hundred thou rockards."

My eyes widened and my heart rate picked up speed as adrenalin rushed through me.

Great, I wake up in a weird place without remembering anything and now I'm going to be a slave.

I got up and tried to run, but again, the tall fat bandit grabbed me by my arm and shoved me at the second bandit.

Then the fat one pulled a rope out from one of the camels and charged at me. I knew it was hope less so I raised my arms up in surrender, even though I knew that it would not do anything. I slammed my eyes shut and waited for the pain to come.

But it never did. After a few moments of nothing happening, I slowly opened my eyes and couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Vines had risen out of the ground and were wrapping themselves out of the bandits. They had wrapped around their mouths and I watched as the vines finished making cocoons around the men.

It was a strange sight, giant vines in the middle of an arid desert. Then as I stood there gobsmacked, the vines submerged back into the sand, carrying the bandits with them.

I still had no idea who I was. I had no idea where I was. I had no idea how old I was. I had no idea why I couldn't remember. All I knew right now was that I was definitely not a normal kid. Not if I could summon vines from a desert.

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