The thief was wearing a black jacket, with a black shirt and black pants. Good for night stalking but not for camouflaging in the middle of the day. There were two minor scratch-like scars on his neck.

I yelled to Xenon, "See, he admits it! He's not Zeus!"

Xenon replied innocently, "Would a god lie to us like that? No! You misheard him!"

"He's not a god!"

During the commotion, I almost didn't notice that the robber was wriggle out of the cuffs.

I yelled, "Rald, get him!"

The handcuffs tightened on the thief's hands and feet so he couldn't move once again.

The thief threatened, "Kill me and you'll never find the rest of the 9 stones."

Rald stopped creating a giant boulder.

He said surprised, "What other stones? Speak, you insolent thief!"

Xenon prayed to the robber, "O, mighty god, please pay no heed to my idiotic companion who is just misled. What can we, wretched humans, do to ser-"

I interrupted Xenon, "Rald is right, this guy isn't Zeus. If he is Zeus, then his electrical powers would have destroyed Rald's handcuffs.

"Furthermore, why would a god dress in black and rob us at the Carlean Airport? The stone is supposed to lead us to Jyn and the fire king told us that he wanted all the legends."

"Oh, really? Can't you guys just distinguish that this person is Zeus, he says so and he can use electrical powers so he is Zeus! If he isn't Zeus, he has to be Thor or some other electric god! But he is a god! Why else would he have powers?"

I was getting annoyed by his naivety

Rald yelled back to Xenon, "You can use powers too, Xenon! You're the most useless of the noble gases!"

Xenon rebutted, "Am not! Argon is!"

"Xenon is useful for..."

I finished the sentence, "nothing"

Rald then said, "But Argon is useful for..."

"Thermal insulation, glowing signs, inert gas environment..." I added

Xenon frustrated, said "I don't care! He is a god and I'll battle you to prove my loyalty!"

Rald told me, "We can take him on, right plus that thief is not Zeus!"

That final comment got Xenon angry and he started the battle. His first move was to circle himself with a sphere of air.

I visualized the cocoon of vines that I used against the bandits. I focused my rage and energy onto Xenon and vines wrapped around the sphere of air. Amazingly, the air did not break instead, The vines had wrapped fully around the air and now Xenon was surrounded by a sphere of vines as the forces cancelled each other out.

In a sudden thought, I pulled the vines away from the sphere and with adhesive force, took apart Xenon's shield of air.

Rald created huge boulders that tumbled onto Xenon but Xenon dodged it.

I was about to use Grass Machine Gun at Xenon when I noticed that the robber had disappeared!

"Stop!" I yelled. "The robber has disappeared! See, he was trying to get Rald distracted so that the handcuffs would disappear. The real Zeus, or Thor wouldn't do that; he wouldn't be such a coward! Also, Xenon, those things are myths! They don't exist!" I shouted and ended the conflict.

Rald agreed, "Good point" Xenon looked around for the stone. The only thing was open rock hand cuffs.

Rald screamed at Xenon about our only lead to Jyn was gone because of Xenon's naivety.

I said, "Stop, this isn't getting us closer to Jyn! We haven't lost our only lead; we still have the stone! If we don't lose it then we can still get to Jyn!"

For once they were silent. I reached into my bag and took out a notepad and in it I wrote Z along with 8 more blanks spaces for the other stones

Although we were exhausted from the fight before, we walked east and soon north as the road split

The whole time Rald and Xenon were silent. By the time we arrived a little town at the sun was setting.

We ate using the money we obtained from the king. During that time I thought about some things like why that robber was so smart and strong.

Rald's giant boulder had not only almost hit Xenon but I saw it roll over the robber's arm.

Accumulating the damage, that robber must have been at least twice as strong to stand the damage but I had hit him but with Grass Machinegun I recalculated with that damage, he must have been at least 2.5 times as strong! Most kings were weaker than him.

Suddenly I spoke up, breaking our long awkward silence, "Xenon, you're almost right that guy was almost a god. He's at least 2.5 times stronger than us so he could either be a super-secret agent with intense training or the King of this country!"

Rald said, "It should be secret agent as a king wouldn't need to find the legends, he already has the 6th biggest empire in the world."

Xenon said, "So, after identifying who this weird character is let's go to the nearest city"

We went to a nearby inn and slept early. Normally some things bug me and I couldn't sleep but this time I easily fell asleep.

The next morning, after breakfast, we headed north and walked until we reached the border again. I thought back and it seemed that we had gone through a quick tour of the whole Electric Empire.

Further north, more bushes sprung up and farms gradually became forest and soon we came to a vast savannah. As we went along the path, we arrived at a solitary plateau in the middle of the savannah.

That wasn't the only thing weird about this. There were skyscrapers, highways and houses on top. It was city. A wave of nostalgia hit me and suddenly I realized that I had reached my earliest destination before I even knew I had. It was Grassique City.