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By Prenn

On the 9th Boulevard South, lives the Landon family.

Well, they're not a family exactly.

Janna is an eleven-year-old girl who lives with her father Drake and Drake's brother, Janna's uncle Brett. She often liked to walk up and down the street and say hello to the neighbors. There was Peter, he smoked, and he lived with his old mother. There was Britney and her son Michael which Janna babysat once or twice while Britney was taking college night courses. And then there was André, he liked to throw loud parties and invite all of his radical friends.

Janna lived in a pretty average neighborhood for the area. She was content with it at the moment. But, she was of course, only eleven and very naïve. Janna lived with her father Drake and his twin brother, Brett. Brett had a girlfriend, Eva, who was a real sweetheart. She was a baker for the shop downtown. Brett was a very kind person—he'd taken care of Janna whenever her father was away.

There was something Janna wanted that she kept deep in her heart. She wanted a mother more than anything else. Somebody kind and tender, someone who could love her and her father. Someone beautiful.

Today was Janna's birthday. Things had gone well for her today. She'd gotten an A in every class and couldn't wait to show her father and Brett her report card.

On the walk home from school, Janna passed some of the neighbors and waved to them. "Hey André! Hey Brittany!" She wanted to run all the way home, but she was just too tired. She half-hoped to see a mommy sitting on that chair on the front porch. But she was not surprised that there was nobody there.

"Hi, Janna, happy birthday!" Brett surprised her when she walked through the door.

"Uncle Brett, look at my grades!" Janna happily handed him her report card.

"Wow, I'm so proud of you!"

"I'm going to go show daddy now." Janna said with a big smile on her face.

To Janna's dismay, Brett held her back. "You'd better not do that right now. He and Stefanie are watching a movie."

"Oh, right Stefanie. What ever happened to Lizza?"

Brett knelt down so that he was on eye level with Janna. "He just doesn't love her anymore, and so they broke up. That was over a year ago, Janna."

"But I liked Lizza. She was so pretty and she was very nice to me. Stefanie is just one of those girls." Janna frowned.

"He's with Stefanie right now."

"How long—"

"Just be patient. Drake's had a rough day today."

"What do you mean?"

"He got himself fired."

Janna looked down. "They shouldn't do that to him, Uncle Brett. He works so hard."

"I know, I know." Brett gave Janna a hug.

Later, Stefanie walked through the house and left just like that. afterwards, Janna found Drake sitting on the couch in his room tuning his old guitar.

"Hi daddy." She rushed into his arms. He put down the out-of-tune guitar and hugged her back.

"Well, look who's having a fantastic day today." He joked.

"Well, I should be, considering it's my birthday!" She smiled back. "I have something to show you." she handed him the report card.

"Oh, look at that. It's all A's. I'm so proud of you. One day you'll be so successful."

"I want to be just like you." she hugged him again. "I missed you while you were away with Lizza's family."

"Stefanie." Drake corrected.

Janna stood there staring at him waiting for him to make some kind of offer in lou of her birthday.

"Janna, don't look at me like that." Drake said. But he couldn't resist giving her the best he had to offer when she looked at him with her pure, innocent amber eyes. "We'll go out to dinner tonight, just you and me. How's pizza sound?"

"Wonderful! But what about Brett?"

"He could use some alone time." Drake said.

"Okay." Janna left the room.

Drake sighed and picked up his pillow. That was where he kept all of the money he had. He and Brett didn't trust the dishonest banks in this town. All that was left in the pillow was about three-hundred dollars. Drake pulled out a ten and he put it in his wallet for later when he and Janna would go out to the old pizzeria downtown.

Drake loved Janna very much, but he knew that one day he'd have to give her up just like he'd given up all of his other dreams.

He tried to fix that guitar for hours and hours. But it was still out of tune and missing a string. It was even dented in and Drake knew he couldn't afford to fix it. He missed those days where he could play in his room for forever without a care in the world. But those days were over.

Drake took Janna out to the old pizzeria at around eight o'clock, it was filled with bikers who smelled like cigarettes and teenagers who smelled like pot.

But Janna didn't care, she was finally getting to spend some time with her father now that he had lost his job. (He had the afternoon and early night shifts so Janna would only get to see him in the mornings.)

Janna and Drake ordered a large cheese pizza and they ordered one with peperoni on it just to see who could pick off the most pieces first. Drake let Janna win and they shared some laughs.

On the walk home, they held hands. Janna pointed out a club that was lit up blue and green and she said the lights were beautiful. Janna always loved a walk through the city at night, especially when it was just starting to get chilly so she could see her breath.

Drake put his arm around her when he saw she was getting cold. But Janna didn't even notice that. She was too busy looking at all of the signs and billboards as the lights moved around and changed color. She didn't even pay attention what they read.

When they got home, Drake tucked Janna into bed. "This was the best birthday I can remember." She said as she closed her eyes.

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