It was Sunday again before Janna even knew it. Time just flew by. Stefanie had gotten a job working at her parents' business. Stefanie was not the ideal employee, but at least she was trying.

Janna had been trying in school too, but regardless of that, her grades were still slipping. Instead of studying, she often found herself doing absolutely nothing except for things like brushing her hair and painting her nails just like Stefanie had showed her before.

As these tasks gradually began taking up her time, she found herself having less and less time. She even began to get a little irritant about it. she had to come out of denial and keep herself responsible so that she wouldn't do something she'd end up regretting later.

Janna was growing more and more accustomed to riding to school with Stefanie in her pink Fiat and listening to the kind of music Stefanie likes. Janna agreed to this because the music reminded her of her dad's music.

But Janna felt like her life was lacking something. So she decided to go visit the church like Manny had suggested. Janna could just go wherever she wanted to because Stefanie really didn't see anything wrong with that and Drake was almost always sleeping during the mornings if he wasn't practicing with Brett.

She walked into the big building and was overwhelmed. There were a lot of people all around and they were all singing out of books while one person in the front was playing a piano.

Janna sat down in the very back, hoping she would not get noticed. She just listened to the singing and the music and found it to be rather calming. She relaxed.

Eventually, all was quiet and the attendees put their books away. A man came up to the very front of the room and he started talking. Janna couldn't see what he was holding, but she knew he was reading out of a book.

She listened. He put the book down and started talking about this God. He was talking very softly so she couldn't hear everything he said. The man was talking about something this God did to help this group of people who were always complaining.

Janna sat in her seat and wondering why anybody would help a group of brats. When they asked for food, this God made it fall from the sky like rain. But then they got tired of this and asked for something else.

If I saw food falling from the sky, I'd never get tired of it, Janna thought.

The man at the front was telling everybody how there's a time to complain but there's also a time to be grateful with what you have and learn to appreciate what life gives you.

I have a pretty good life, Janna thought.

The man told everybody to rise and he started talking again but he began with "Dear God" as if he was talking to this God.

Afterwards, everybody shuffled to the door. Janna slipped through the crowd of tall adults and found the man who was the speaker.

"Hello." He said when he saw the young girl standing in front of him.

"Tell me more about this God who made food fall from the sky." Janna said.

"I'd be glad to." The man gave her a friendly smile. "He's a wonderful God. He can do anything at all. What he did—making the food fall from the sky—is not an uncommon thing for him to do. He does miracles every day."

"Could he make my daddy happy?" Janna asked.

"Yes, he could. But first you need to pray."

"How do I do that?"

"You close your eyes and bow your head."

Janna did so.

"And then you ask God for whatever you need."

"I don't know what to say."

"Can I?"

Janna nodded.

"Dear God, this young girl has a father. And she believes he is very troubled right now. So can you please be with the situation and help this man to find peace. Amen."

Janna looked up. "Wait, I forgot something. Stefanie needs God's help too. And so do I. I still don't like her very well, but she makes my dad happy."

"God knows what's in your heart."

"What do I have to do in return so that he will grant my wish?"

"You only have to believe in your heart that with God, nothing is impossible."

"But lot's of things are impossible. I can't fly and I can't dance and I can't have my own house and I don't have a mother."

"Can you make food fall from the sky?"


"Do you know anybody who can?"


"God can. And I'm sure if he can do something like that then he can certainly help you and your father and Stefanie to all get along, if it's his Will."

"His Will?"

"God has a good and perfect will. And as long as we're following him, we will be happy even if we're not where we expected to be."

"But I don't know how I can ever accept Stefanie as my new mother."

"Sweetie, God has a reason for everything he does. Maybe he's giving this challenge to you so that you'll learn to cope with difficulties such as this so that when you're older you can help other people in the same situation and tell them how you got through it."

"And just how can I get through it?"

"Pray unceasingly, that's what it says right here." The man opened up a book and showed Janna.

"What's that book for? Is it some kind of rules?"

"In a way. This book was inspired by God and written by over forty authors."

Janna raised her eyebrows.

"It was written over a very long period of time."

"I'll say." Janna agreed.

"This is a wonderful book. And if you read it, you'll discover the answers to a lot of your problems." He handed her the book.

"For me?" she asked.

"Yes." He said. "And if you have any other questions, feel free to come by again. I'm Pastor Mike by the way."

"I'm Janna Landon." She shook Pastor Mike's hand like an adult. "I'll read this book." She decided and then walked home.

That night, Janna was up until 2A.M. reading the book and she hadn't even finished the first story yet! It was called Genesis and it had a lot of chapters. But it was really interesting. It started all the way from the very beginning of the world which fascinated Janna.

"Janna go to bed." Drake said from outside in the hallway as he heard Janna flip the page. Janna obeyed.

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