Stupid, Crazy, Gravity

Gravity caused this mess.

Charlemagne McCormick is the girl you would usually find sitting under and apple tree reading a different book each time. Her life is average just like every other teenager who attends her school, except for one thing. She has a secret no one knows, not even her.

Charlie has Grade II atypical meningioma.

If it weren't for that one fateful day under the apple tree her life could've been taken from her in an instant. She owes her whole life to a crazy little thing called gravity. If it weren't for that small apple which coincidentally hit her right on the head, her brain tumor would have never been discovered.

However, gravity isn't completely on her side.

Confusion has washed over Charlie, and now nothing from the past seems believable. Not her boyfriend, or parents, or friends. To them becoming a part of Charlie's future is hopeless. And now with her memory slowly returning and her past becoming clearer, along with her future, the mess she seems to have gotten herself into is getting worse

Just like all stories, this one begins with gravity. Stupid, crazy, gravity.