The war that

tore the earth

broke the bow

and the cradle did


Fertile soil

to blossom

beautiful flowers

now rots and smolders

under the heat

of the nuclear fires.

"Death be swift",

is what the

man atop the

old world had


before he set the

Earth ablaze.


death is slow

dragging along the

painful roads that lead

a soul to the most infernal

terror imaginable to the human

mind that may barely be conceived.

The world is in ruins.

Amongst the wreckage,

is the land that laid it barren.

The land that made the world

safe for freedom and ideal,

has betrayed everything,

plunging light into atomic dark.

Fourteen years passed,

the radiation receded,

slowly and surely,

with only a handful of the

old-worlders to help scrub

the last bits of fizzle away.


the world is

three hundred

years older,

three hundred wiser.


with its own wars

and razing disasters.


with its own revolutions

and lands for freedom.


with its own history

and its own plots for destruction.

The curtain draws back now,

revealing the children

in this apocalyptic nightmare.