One More Time

crying again
lost, alone
and there you stand

a false embrace
feeling the prodding
that hides
under your clothes

you want me

the sadness closing in
far far to real
settling in to its old places,

hold me closer
ignore the pain
all im feeling
says its worth the gain

just one kiss
far to much ive missed
hold me close
and let the tear drops dry

one kiss to many
for you are not mine
never to be again
cheating to keep the sanity
guilty me

just need to feel like its all ok
just one more time
to feel like me

one time to many
for you are not mine
not now not ever
just cheating with me

guilty we walk away
dirty we go our separate
alone i will stay

time to unleash the death
time to plead to my crime
time to tell you love
promise me.
promise me.
one last time

tell me
tell me please
that you love me
one last time

then spill the story
and listen to my own cries
as they fill the empty space
that i have made.