"Unanswered Questions."

Much speculation filled the capital that day, spreading from the lower levels, to the middle, all the way to the top with rumours and truths being distorted the longer they travelled. Who was this young woman with the Prince that entered their city so often? Why was this the first time the Prince had been spotted at her side out in public? What sector was she from? What familial ties did she hold?

The curiosity spread from the capital to the country, growing more warped the further it went. Soon, other sectors were taking interest in the new water demon at the Crown Prince's side. Was the relationship purely platonic? Was it a match set up by his parents? Was she nobility?

Even the 3rd sector began to look into Ellie's presence in the Fire Nation capital. What region of their sector was she from? Who were her parents? What was the extent of her wealth? Was it a secret, forbidden engagement between one of their noble families and the Royals of the 6th sector?

But, the biggest question still remained unanswered: Was the mysterious water beauty to be the next Fire Lady?

The Crown Prince of the 6th sector was nearly 800 years old and his mother had refused to betroth him to someone in his youth, which meant the rest of Hell had been anticipating the day he took a bride. Everyone wanted to know who she was. The other royal families needed to know which sector the lucky lady was from in order to make arrangements, draft deals to benefit their own kingdoms, and play nice with her family to stay on good terms with the Prince and his parents. Being the most powerful royal family, challenged only by Shadow King Lucius and his sons, the future Fire Lord had a lot of weight to throw around, and that made other sectors nervous.

A call went out, the 3rd sector needed someone to monitor the Crown Prince and figure out who his new later was. If she really was one of their own, how has she snuck under the radar so easily? No nobles were allowed into contact with the Crown Prince unless his mother and father gave their permission to the potential union. That, and noble families were nervous about sending their daughters to such a faraway, foreign, and downright hostile place. Who would permit their daughter to visit, to stay, to stand so close?

"She's a nobody, in contact with the Prince purely due to friendship with his most recent consort. Said consort was discarded for unknown reasons, but their relationship remains active." The girl said, her body bent towards the floor as tradition dictates.

"What type of relationship?" Said the man behind the desk.

"Unknown." This answer was not acceptable, she knew it.

"Well make it known! I want someone in that palace with eyes on the girl at all times. I want to know how she wormed her way into his life without anyone noticing!"

"We contacted the Fire Lady about the issue."

"And what did she say?"

""What my son does is none of your damned business."" The girl recited.

"None of my business?! She's one of my citizens; I could summon her away from their homicidal hot head and execute her if I wanted!"

"And will you, sire?" Her face remained blank, blue eyes staring straight ahead.

"No… she has ties to the 6th Crown, very strong ones. She could be the key to ending the feuds between our people."

"What would you have me do, sire?"

"Get into the palace, play the part of a slave, work your way closer to the Prince, analyze their relationship the best you can. Report back to me whenever possible, but do not risk your cover."

"Yes, sire." Slender shoulders bowed, then turned and headed for the door.

"And remember, Katey, I saved you from the pits, I can throw you back in."

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