This is just a poem I created for the heck of it. Read and Review :) Comments are highly recommended because how else will I get better?


For Blood and Ink Shall be Our Killers

Tell me not to fear
yet give me something
to believe in.
Shield me from horror
and I gift
you with what was
always yours:
my body,
my soul,
my heart.

Forgive me not
for I have no excuse.
Rage evident in those
eyes of yours,
I beg not for forgiveness
but for death.
For no sin is greater
than that in which
I have done to you.
Betrayal and deception
are our killers.

And when our last breath
comes and goes,
a hope is all I have left.
A hope, a prayer,
that death will not
do us part.
Hate me not
but do not forgive me

Together, in the nothingness,
your lips upon mine
and our hearts as one,
we shall conquer Chronos
with our legend written
upon our essence
and the past forgotten.
No longer shall I
have a tongue of
and you shall be
filled with glad.

Our love is not
but our souls are.
Forever mine and yours,
our stories are written
in blood and ink,
sweat and tears
upon the very pages
of time.

For we are not
but writers
in this cold and lonely