Cecelia opened the crystal clear doors of the dojo. She took in her first sniff of the place. She'd be smelling it for the next several hours so she had to make sure it smelled good. And if it did not smell good, she'd either have to come to terms with herself or tell herself that it smelled good even if that was a straight-up lie.

"Huh. Windex and peanut butter cookies." Cecelia said lightly. "Interesting." She rounded the corner. The Japanese man in the white gi must be the sensei.

"Another student, I presume?" Sensei said as Cecelia approached him.

Cecelia nodded with a half-smile and bright lively violet eyes.

The two boys standing on either side of the sensei took note of the attractiveness and exchanged looks. "Dibs." Levi mouthed. "Then it's fair."

"I don't play fair." Alex mouthed back.

Thank God Cecelia was as clueless as a turkey on thanksgiving morning. "Welcome to the class. I'm sensei Dayo. You will be learning the ways of karate from me."

"Sensei?" Alex tapped his shoulder.


"I've decided that I no longer believe private lessons will work for the benefit of any student."

The sensei chuckled. "I'm sure you don't." He smiled a bit.

Another girl walked in carrying a sack lunch. She had very light blue eyes, blond hair with blue tips, and a dark orange top and blue capris. She was kind of pretty in a way, but far too prepubescant for either of the boys to be attracted to her.

"Are you another student?" Alex asked. He was trying to sound enthusiastic about the fact. But the fact was that with every new student appearing, there would be less and less of the sensei's attention going to him.

"I'm Bree." She muttered, the sound of her soft voice barely audible.

"Yay!" Cecelia celebrated through a hug with Bree. "I thought I was gonna be the only girl! I'm so happy you're here! For a few seconds there, I felt like a tomboy and I'm sure as anything not one of those!"

"No kidding." Levi mouthed to Alex.

Bree's face was somewhere in between a neutral expression and a frown. "What are you, a cheerleading captain?"

Levi and Alex sniggered.

"No, I'm just an average cheerleader." Cecelia laughed. "I'm totally not captain material."

As Nett walked into the dojo, Alex felt motivated to ask, "How many people signed up for this class?"

"Doesn't matter how many signed up." Mr. Dayo replied. "Just how many that show up."

Alex sighed.

"Let's begin." Sensei said. "Everybody state your name and age and something about yourselves related to karate or other martial arts."

"Oh! Oh, can I go first?" Cecelia beamed. She didn't even wait for the sensei's approval. She just went right ahead. "I'm Cecelia Hazel. I've always been fascinated with activities like cheerleading and mixed martial arts. So far I've only done cheerleading. In my free time I like to dance and sing. I'll do anything that involves a lot of energy really."

"Nice job." The sensei smiled. "You sound like you're going to be a very good public speaker when you reach high school."

"Thanks." She smiled, her pearly whites visible.

"Who wants to go next?"

"I will." Nett stepped forward and grunted slightly. "I'm Nett Davis. In case you're wondering, Nett's short for Nathaniel. But now I'm Nett as in the interNETT. Geddit? Geddit?"

Nobody laughed.

"Wow. Tough crowd. Well…I enjoy mathematics and video games and constructive science. I have a pet bird named Kerry. I like watching military-themed movies. One day I'm going to be a CEO."

"HA!" Alex's outburst was…rather insulting.

Even Bree, Cecelia and Levi began to chuckle.

Nett glared and brushed his messy orange and white bangs away from his eyes. "I'm going to be in charge of you all one day! I'm gonna be president or something high up like that! You'll see!" His freckled face reddened, even more so than it was before.

"Okay, okay." The sensei's voice was a warning siren to them all. He didn't like disrespect in his dojo. As far as he was concerned, they should take the dispute outside. "Who's next?"

The other three were silent. Alex avoided eye contact with the sensei. Levi was naturally so quiet that he faded into the background. If it weren't for the color of his hair, everyone would have forgotten he was even there.

"Let's have the other little miss introduce herself." The sensei decided.

Bree sighed quietly. She licked her lips. They were pale and dry from not wearing any chapstick. "The name's Bree. I'm not here by choice; I'm here because my mom demanded I get involved in something."

"That's it?" Sensei didn't seem surprised. Who knows? He's probably had a gazillion students like her.

Alex and Levi both were placed under the impression that this little chick didn't care and shouldn't be here. "I've got something to say." Levi piped up.

"Go for it." Said Sensei.

"I'm Levi, and I'm really looking forward to becoming a karate master. As a child, I've always been very fast and very nimble. So you can see that obviously, I'll be the star pupil." Levi smiled, most likely just to spite Alex who glared at him. Levi could tell you a thousand times that it wasn't like him to boast (which was true) yet sometimes he couldn't resist poking fun at those who were wound tight enough to burst.


Levi smiled and extended a hand which Alex shook. "Agreed."

"May the best man win." Said the boys together.

Alex turned around and faced the group. "My name is Alex, and I'm not about to let you forget it. I'm pretty sure I need this class more than any of you here, princess," He pointed to Cecelia, "Geek," He motioned to Nett who gasped, "Emo," He nodded at Levi who nodded back showing that he accepted the classification, "Or you, little miss nobody." Bree frowned. "So don't any of you spoil my chances. Not that I'll let you…"

Cecelia, always ready to give her approval, clapped. She seemed to be the only one clapping. Nobody else liked Alex. This was not going to help the situation here.

The sensei looked around. "Let's get started." He said. "I'd ask you all to pair up, but with an odd number, one of you will have to—"

"I'll sit out." Said Bree quietly. She sat in a corner, hugged her knees to her chest and closed her eyes as if preparing for a long nap."

"Allright then, kids! Pair up." All three of the boys looked lustfully at Cecelia. "You pick your opponent, hon." Sensei patted the girl on the shoulder.

"Hmm." Cecelia thought deeply. She considered Levi first—very smooth, very neat, smarter than he appears, and kind of cute in a strange way. Alex—the loser, a burnout, probably didn't take good care of himself. And Nett—the geek that had unrealistically large dreams. He was certainly annoying enough. So who should she choose? The least repulsive one was Levi, and that's who she picked."

"Excellent." Alex muttered to Nett. "I'll enjoy beating you up."

Nett hissed.

"Get ready to show me all you got. This'll help me to see what areas to start training you in." Sensei said. "Face your opponent. Three…two…one…GO!"

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