There's no one other than you.

School Opening Ceremony

"Aww, I'm not in the same class as Aaron," I pouted and Aaron smiled.

"It's sad though. I want to be in the same class with you." he said, smiling at me. Honestly, he has the cutest smile.

"Me too," I smiled back.

"Um, I'll go register first..." he told me and I nodded. We told each other goodbye and he walked away.

Today is the first day of high school.

A new life without Jeremy.


I turned around and was greeted by Jeremy's hug.

"I miss you so much, Blair!" he grinned, hugging me tight.

"J-Jeremy! We're in public!"

Jeremy and I were in a secret relationship. No one knows about us, not even our parents.

"I'm sorry, Jeremy. It's just that...if Dad knows about this...B-But I like being with you."

I missed him.

My first love, Jeremy Holmes.

"Blair! Today's Wednesday, aren't you going to tuition?" Jeremy asked and I grinned sheepishly. "I'm not a clever student so of course, I can't go. But Blair, you're a clever student. It's better if you go to tuition rather than hanging out with me."

"I-It's okay. I just want to be with you!"

I love you. I don't want to be far away from you.

I feel really happy when we were together.

I felt loved and cherished.


Jeremy stared at me with empty eyes. We were at the school field. He had just finished practising.

"I'm sorry, Blair. I've fallen in love with someone else. Let's break up."

Those words stabbed my heart so deeply.

Why? Why is it like this?

That night, I cried non-stop. He didn't want to se me anymore. He did not reply my texts, he didn't pick up the phone.

I hate him.

I hate him.

I want to forget about him.

I want to go to a world without him.

'Arghh! Forget all that and start a new life!' I shook my head, trying to forget about it.

The pain he gave was enough.

It was all just memories.

'Hurm...I think this is the class,' I pushed open the doors. 'I feel a little nervous...'

I glance at the class at froze. I stared at the figure in front of me.


The teacher reached shortly after that. We all took our seats with me a few tables behind Jeremy.

Why? Why did it...become like this?

After school.

I recalled the teacher's sentence.

"Well, since Jeremy and Blair were from the same school last time, they will be in charge of the class cleanliness and beauty."


I sat on the chair, unwilling to move. The fact was, I couldn't. I knew I would feel weird around him. What should I say?

"Sorry, I'm late!"

The door slides open and my heartbeat increased. Jeremy entered and grinned at me.

"Sorry, I was talking with my buddies. I forgot the time," then he stared at the paper in my hand. "Ah, what should we do?"

"U-Uhm, we should sort out the jobs..."

Maybe I was the one feeling weird out. That three months together surely meant nothing to Jeremy.

I smiled softly.

"I can't believe you're here, Jeremy."

He grinned his typical grin. "What? Are you looking down at me?"

"N-No, I didn't mean to."

Jeremy pulled a chair in front of me and sat down, smirking.

"Girls like clever boys, right?" he smirked evily.

I tried to smile.

"Yeah, maybe. Just now there was a chick who sat in front of me. She said you were cute,"

He smiled too.

"Blair, I heard you're with Aaron now?" he asked suddenly. I froze.

"E-Eh...ah, yeah...he's nice and reliable. Sometimes I feel like I'm not compatible with him."


After I broke up with Jeremy, Aaron confessed to me. He told me he would wait until I forget Jeremy.


"That's great," Jeremy chuckled and smiled. "But I'm more good-looking than him. Maybe he's more kind and hardworking, just like you. I should be ashamed!" he laughed.

"He was very nice, and he could take care of you more than me. I wish you happiness."

I flinched.


"I wish you happiness with all my heart, Blair Bootes." Jeremy smiled at me. In his eyes there were sincere twinkles.

"I'll make you happy, Blair."

"Haha, what am I talking about..." Jeremy mumbled.

"I've fallen in love with someone else. Let's break up."

I grabbed my skirt tightly.


Why am I...crying?

Tears filled my eyes and I sobbed softly. I swallowed down bitterly, and all the memories kept abusing my mind.

Then I noticed Jeremy staring.

"S-Sorry," I wiped away the tears. "I'm allergic to , that's why. The windows wide open..." I stood up, closing the window.

His words stabbed me like a sharp knife dug into my heart.

Suddenly, Jeremy rushed over me and hugged me tightly. My eyes widened.


He flinched and pushed me away, then walked out. I slide down the floor.

What was that all about?

In my junior years, I fell in love.

The baseball field was packed with baseball players. Our school was competiting with the neighbour school. Everyone was playing real hard.

"Wow...that school's too good...We're destined to lose!" a girl sighed.

"I agreed! Look at our baseball players! They are already giving up in the first match!"

I just stared quietly.

Yes, the others were slacking off. But there was one more player still standing. He was still fighting.

He lifts his head and I blushed. He's really cute!

I know him, Jeremy Holmes. Sometimes I saw him at the corridors, talking to his buddies. Although he was still in juinor high but he dyed his hair red and pierced his ears. He was the troublemaker in our school.

But I couldn't believe that he could be so serious when it came to baseball.

I've fallen for him.

He was the reason I kept attending baseball practice. Although it ended, but he was still standing there.

My tears fell. Then he saw me and his eyes bulged.

"W-Why are you crying?!" he looked panic. I just cried and cried.

One month after that, he confessed and we were together.

I open my eyes when the sunlight rays hit them.

My heart was opened by one guy; Jeremy Holmes.

"Blair! Today's Wednesday, right? You have tuition, I'll pick you up at five," my mum said, carrying the laundry. I walked into the bathroom, nodding. Shortly after, I was ready.

I walked into my class and froze.

I blushed, remembering the incident yesterday. I felt even more uneasy after that.

A girl with golden locks pulled Jeremy's hands.

"Jeremy, do you know yesterday...Jeremy! Are you listening? Aren't you going to comfort me?"

I saw Jeremy glancing at me before hugging the girl who flushed.

"I'll hug you, how's this?"


"This is how I comfort girls," he told the girl. The girl hugged him back, enjoying the warmth.


So yesterday...

"He shouldn't treat you like that," a voice said and I turned.


"I heard that he had girlfriends in his old school, I can't believe he will hug another girl!" Aaron said, looking over at Jeremy and the girl.

I let out a sigh.

"But if it was me, I'll only hug the one I love," he said suddenly, staring into my eyes. I looked away. "I hope you can forget him soon and accept me, Blair."

I was lucky that Aaron liked me.

He was too nice.

If it was Jeremy, I bet everything that he wouldn't say anything like that.


Maybe I could try to forget Jeremy by accepting Aaron. Who knows I might fall for him during our time together?

At the staff room.

"Ah, Blair, could you help me to pick up a few students from our class to clean the storeroom?" our homeroom teacher asked. I stared at the paper.

But today...I have...

Suddenly, the paper was grabbed from my hand.

"Just go to your tuition. I'll help the teacher."

"E-Eh? Thank you then, Jeremy..."

"Ah, I wonder if today you will skip tuition again to date with Aaron this time, just like how we do it last time?"


"You're quite brave, Blair-"


Jeremy looked at me.

"Please stop bringing up our past. Don't ever talk about it anymore. Forget the times when we were together," I grabbed the paper from him. "I'll do this on myself."

I hate it.

I hate it when Jeremy brings up the past.

It tears up my heart.

I am now going to accept Aaron-

Someone grabbed my arm and I turned.


"Blair, why are you looking so sad?" then his eyes narrowed. "Was it Jeremy? Did he hurt you?"

"No..it's just that-"

Before I knew it, Aaron pulled me closer and our lips almost touched. Then he was pulled behind by someone.


He grabbed my hand and run. We reached the school garden and I tried to yank off my hand.


"No! I don't want to see any other guys touching you, except me." he panted, grip tightening.

"Stop playing around! I don't want to be your toy anymore!" I yelled. Tears flowed out suddenly. I yank away my hand with all my might and succeed. I sniffed.


I turned at the familiar voice.


"Why are you here?!" she spotted Jeremy and looked away as if she was hiding something. Jeremy stared back nonchanlantly. I was pulled into the car and Mum speed off, leaving Jeremy behind.

In the car.

"Mum...? You know Jeremy?" I asked slowly.

Mum looked down at the stereng before speaking, "I was the one who asked him to leave you." she blurted out and I was stunned.

"I know you skipped tuition, I know your relationship with him and I know about your grades. So I called him while you were showering and told him to leave you alone. "

My eyes widened.

Sorry, I've fallen for someone else.

Let's break up.

Is that why he left? It's all for me?

Jeremy...he lied for me. Tears sprang out again. Then I saw the mirror. A familiar figure was running behind our car.



Without hesitating, I pushed open the car door and jumped out, ignoring Mum's scream and ran into Jeremy's arms. We fell on the road and people were gathering to see what had happened. Mum stopped the car immediately.

I hugged Jeremy tightly.

How I miss him.

After we broke up, I had vow to make him fall for me again. No matter how hard I have to try, I'll do it.

If it's not Jeremy Holmes, I don't want.

I just want him.

"I love you, Blair. I love you..." He whispered into my ears, hugging me tightly. He smelled of sweat. "I beg you, Auntie. Please bless us."

Mum stood there, staring.

After that incident, Jeremy enrolled in the same tuition as me. Mum had already agreed to our relationship as long as we put our studies as first priorities.

I love you, Jeremy.

We'll be together till the end of our lives.

And in the next life.

I want to be with you.


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