By Prenn

This here is kind of like the prologue in a way. Why? You'll see ;)

Summary: the Gano children are not ordinary children. What level will science go to meet its ends? Nobody stays young and naive forever.

*Sam, Alleo & Linus*

Alleo Gano was very young when he started playing soccer outside with his old man. The kid was determined, and that's for sure. Determined to make something of himself. One day he's gonna go pro. Alleo's got endurance. He's not exactly the best coordinated of his siblings, but he's better than most.

Sam Gano was average-sized when he got into football, and he's larger now. One day when he's playing college football, he's going to look back on these childhood Saturdays of playing football with his old man. He's going to wish these days back again. Sam's always been strong and careful, and ready to make his old man proud.

Linus Gano was Alleo's twin brother. Linus's the younger twin by five minutes. He doesn't mind. He used to be proud to say he was the youngest of three brothers until Sarah came along. Linus practiced running away from her. Ugh, Sarah, a girl with her long claw-like nails and strong toddler legs built for running and hands built for climbing—Linus couldn't stand one more minute of her.

Mother could often be seen carrying Sarah around the house cooing to her and feeding her tasty milk from a silver bottle. Alleo and Linus used to be the ones she'd carry around and feed, but a lot of things can change within a year's time.

Linus enjoyed watching baseball games when he was in preschool, but now he had upgraded to track. This kid could run super-duper fast. Seriously! He's going to need that skill. Linus's convinced that one day it's going to save his life.

Sherry and Shawn Gano watched their children grow up. They were proud. There's a reason they had these children. A lot of parents say something like that when they've had children. These guys mean it. The Gano children are going to be very special people when they grow up. Very few people know this secret. In fact there's only four. There used to be six, but two have fallen asleep.

That's a kind way to put it.

Shawn called up an old friend that night. "Romney! Hey! How're you?"

"Shawn!" Replied a deeply resonating voice. On the other end of the line was a barrel-chested man who had known Shawn and his wife for—how long was it? They go way, way back. They've probably lost count how many years it's been since they met. They're colleagues after all. "How's your newest little one?"

"Sarah's doing just fine."

"That's excellent."


"How big was she?"

"Six pounds five ounces."

"My kids are doing well, just in case you wanted to know. They're really happy with the way life's goin'. So far the boys haven't gotten into trouble as often as I'd predicted. They're getting good grades and that's really what matters as far as school goes. As far as their general responses, they're just ordinary children so far. I'm waiting for the changes to take effect. Who knows? Could be years to come."


"We're planning on adopting a dog. You know, so they'll sort of get used to it. Hey, that's part of taking initiative. I'm sure you know all about that, Shawn."

"I do."

"Marceline and I are right about done having kids. Three's our lucky number."

"Four's the number for us!" Both Shawn and Romney laughed. "Sarah'll be ready by the time you meet her."

"That's good to hear. She's the youngest after all. Let's plan on explaining this to them all at once."

"How long before…?"

"I'd advise that we wait until Sarah's at least seven. Even then, your oldest son would be…"

"He'd be twelve by then."

"That's really late, but hey you can't rush time. You can only slow it down."

Shawn chuckled. "That's fine, take your time. We've got all the time in the world." Both men shared one final laugh and then hung up the phone.

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