This Halloween

By Prenn & Jet

What do we have here? A spooky little story written by Prenn and a friend! It was off to a kind of random start and was written entirely over PMs. It involves our characters meeting at a mansion for a Halloween party. Picture several teens all in costume, dancing and just acting all crazy. It gets weirder than this, trust me...mwahahaha! (No Halloween is complete without evil laughter!)

Dreams never start at the beginning, right? Happy Halloween…

One night you might just wake up and find yourself at a party in a large, clean mansion. There's a family who lives in there called the Cooders, and they have three sons. All of which are successful. However they are all successful in different ways. The Mister and Missus are good folks. Fun loving, entertaining, and all-around likeable. But also very childish. It's like they never grew out of their good old days.

Their sons—Ravon, Rin and Sacha—are some of the world's most favored boys. Ravon and Rin have both won Celebrity of the Year awards. Sacha has his own rock band. Ravon is dabbling in the pastry arts, while starring in a fantast movie series. Rin is starring in a series of his own, as well as a movie series. So you see that the Cooder lifestyle is as perfect as can be. Ravon and Rin are content. Sacha isn't. Very few people get close enough to him to figure out why. And an even smaller percentage actually cares.

Sacha hasn't got many true friends outside of his circle. While practically every teenage boy likes to hear pretty fangirls screaming out his name, "Sacha! Sacha!" Sacha would like to actually meet some people who want to get to know him. Since that's a hard thing to admit, Sacha doesn't feel like he's going to get it.

The Cooder mansion is filled with three floors of dancing teens in their costumes. There was one girl with long, black beautiful hair talking amongst a group of people. She made friends easily, so she had no problem talking to complete strangers. Her name was Allya Colly, a famous celebrity of untold wealth and talent. She was special and she knew it. But she was also very humble about it. She's one of a kind, and there's nobody around to say otherwise. That's the way she liked it.

She's the star of this world, partially by choice and partially by the fact that others wanted her to be. She is who she is, and she's fabulous, by the way.

"Allya!" People called out her name.

"Hey there, Allya." People wanted to hug her.

"Oh my gosh, did you see Allya tonight?" People loved her clothes.

"Allya…" People wanted to stand next to her to get a whiff of her expensive perfume.

"Allya Colly!" Fans waved. Since she was nice, she waved back. Allya loves people. And the people love her. Allya's life is perfect, right?

Unfortunately, not everybody can be happy at this party.

One lone girl made her way through the crowd of people, unsure of what this night would bring her. After all, Angelique was 'wearing' the most realistic Halloween costume. Question is: Was it really a costume? Allya Colly was wearing a concert outfit-red dress, headphones, perfect hair and all the right makeup. She collided with this girl.

"Sorry, my bad." Allya said, pulling her long black hair off to the side.

Angel blushed lightly, but gave Allya a quick grin. "It's fine. Do you know where Xela is? He's a friend of my parents and..." She blinked her one blue eye and one purple–of which Allya assumed were contacts–in a friendly way.

"I don't really know," she honestly replied. "You could try asking some of the other people around here, though."

"Okay, thanks. I'm Angel, by the way." She stuck out her hand, and Allya shook it happily.

Meanwhile, in an upstairs bathroom, a certain, enthusiastic little girl was standing on the small balcony just above the deep pool outside. With a grin, Chloe leapt off, grabbing her legs as she did one thing, "CANNONBALL!"

"Hey Angel, I'm looking for my BFFs Savannah and Sacha, we're supposed to perform tonight. Wanna help me find them? Perhaps on the way we'll bump into your friend too." Allya said.

"Uh…Yeah, okay," she answered with a smile. She suddenly paused, giving a shocked look towards Allya. "Whoa, Sacha Cooder? The one hosting this party?"

"Actually it's his parents. Yeah, I know, they're filthy rich. Personally I'd love to date Sacha or one of his brothers. Sacha's a good friend. You should meet him."

Angel grinned a bit slyly. "Ooooooo! Is someone crushing over Sacha Cooooooooder?"


She landed in with a splash, literally soaking the four other people in the pool. One had dark brown hair, another had a light brown shade of hair, and the last one had maroon hair.

Chloe grinned sheepishly, flipping her lime-green hair out of her face. "Uh, oops?"

"It's fine," the light-brown haired one, Rodger, mentioned. "I like getting wet."

"It's fine with me, too," Eli mentioned with a small, yet unsure, smile.

"It's even better when a young mermaid is doing the splashing," Chloe thought she heard the last mutter. Her heart skipped a beat, and she looked toward him.

"What did you say?"

He coughed, and grinned. "I said I like being splashed. I'm Xela, by the way."


"I'm Eli."

"I'm Rodger."

Chloe grinned, then wiggled her eyebrows a bit before grinning slyly. "Who wants to do a breath-holding contest?"

Xela had an amused smile on his face, while Rodger just nodded, and Eli said, "Yeah."


The boy is prepping his beautiful guitars, wondering which one to use. The light switch to his large, red-walled room flips on and he sees two girls in the archway. One he recognizes, and the other he does not know. Perhaps the stranger is one of his brother's friends.

"Sachaaaa!" Allya shouted happily.

"Hey." he said in his sexy voice.

"I'm Angel by the way." She smiled at him when she realized he was hot.

"Sacha's like a total rockstar." Allya swooned.

Sacha smiled at the compliment.

"Thanks, Allya," he mentioned.

Angel looked between the two, grinning. She gave Allya a teasing look, and she rolled her eyes in return. Angel rolled her eyes in a mocking manner, then turned to Sacha. "So, uh, seeing as your parents are the hosts and everything…would you happen to know where Xela is? He's a close friend of my parents, so..."

Sacha cocked his head. "What's your last name?"

Angel frowned, muttering her last name so no one could hear it.

"Could you repeat that, please?"

"Memmmini," she muttered a bit louder. Sacha gave her a look. "Jemini," she answered with a sigh.

"Nice name. Are your parents—"

"Yeah, my parents aren't here. I'm only here because I need to talk to Xela about something concerning my…er…plans."

Sacha ginned lightly. "Yeah, well, I think he'd be at the pool. He did say he was waiting for someone. I just thought it would be his, like, wife or something..."

Allya and Sacha walked arm in arm as she tugged him along down stairs. Angel followed. They arrived down at the pool. The indoor pool was closed off for cleaning, so everybody was gathered around back.

"Oh my gosh! Chloe? Is that you?" Allya exclaimed.

"No way!" Chloe and Allya shared a big hug. "I didn't know you were coming?"

"Well yeah, I'm totally Sacha's best friend right now!" both girls were so happy. They hadn't seen each other since the good old days of elementary school. "Guess what, Chloe? Savannah's here too!"


"I know! It's going to be the three of us again! After all these years!"

"We're going to rule this party just like we ruled the fourth grade!"

"Ahem." Rodger, Eli, and Xela said.

"Eli Flintwood? Hey!" Allya smiled.

"Xela! I've been looking for ya!" Angel gave him a hug.

"Wow, you guys definitely have connections. I feel bad not knowing you all." Rodger admitted. Everybody stared at him.

"Well hey there, I'm Allya Colly." She hugged him loosely.

"The professional singer?"

"Yeah! Rock on!" Allya said.

"You know who I am, don't cha Rodger?" Sacha said

Rodger nodded.

"I'm Angelique Jemini. But you can call me Angel."

"Nice to meet you all. Sacha, aren't you performing tonight?"

"Yessir in fact I am."

Xela had a slow smile forming. "Angel, can we talk for a second? It involves..." He mouthed 'them', and Angel nodded, a grin forming.

"Yeah, okay. See you all later, I guess," she muttered, moving away from her new friends.

Xela turned towards Angel, noting that the rest of the young teens were leaving. "I can't…" was the first thing that left his mouth.

Angel froze. "What?"

"I can't take you in," he stated. "It involves certain things. One of them is a valid reason for you leaving your parents, another is that I need an actual identity."

Angel frowned. "I hadn't thought of that."

"Obviously. But, hey, I bet your parents love you."

"Yeah, right," she stated sadly, looking at Xela a bit betrayed. She turned and left, leaving Xela outside, all alone...He grinned. "Sometimes, what you have is better then what you want," he wisely stated, placing his hands in his swim trunk pockets, and taking the back gate out. "After all, who knows? You may just have a nightmare about it."

"I wanna go back outside," Chloe complained. "Swimming is much better then walking."

"I agree with you there," Rodger noted absently. "I like walking as much as the next person, but swimming is much more…"


"It's fun," Rodger lightly corrected. "Funner isn't a word."

"Whatever. I knew that."

"And I was going to say relaxing."

"Well," Sacha said, interrupting them. "If you were out there, you would miss my band and I performing."

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