*Chloe's group*

"Well, I say we head back down and find the others," Chloe mentioned. "I have a feeling Eli's being kidnapped by some horrifying monster."

"I highly doubt that," Allya mentioned, but turned her gaze back to the game. "Still, though, if this isn't one of your bothers–"

"I know it is!" Sacha protested.

"Then we ought to report this back to the others. I could have something to do with us being… ya know." Allya said.

"Agreed," Rodger and Chloe replied simultaneously.

*Savannah's gang*

"I don't hear anything!" Savannah continued, this time placing her hands on her hips. "Come on, let's find the others."

Angel frowned. "Fine, you can go. I'll stay down here. And when you come back to look for me, you'll probably find me all bloody on the floor!"

"You're over exaggerating," Eli mentioned harmlessly. "You're just paranoid."

Angel glared sharply at Eli. "Paranoid? Do you know what people say about being paranoid?"

"That it makes you go insane?" Savannah offered.

"Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean someone isn't out to get you!" She finished, throwing her arms down.

Eli blinked. "That…actually makes sense…"

Angel grinned. "He agrees with me. And, like Clo said, they always go for the good-looking ones first. I vote we wait down here for the others, or wait until…" She paused, freezing in her tracks.

"Lessons are lessons, death is death, life is life, we owe it all to be wrong or right," a mystic voice sang. "Darkness is creeping, right behind you. If you're not care-care-care-full, it may not go through you, though you, through-o-o-you. Seven kid, selected by the Mi, chosen for death, chosen for life. Seven kid, in the room. Not yet, but soon, I bet. Seven kids, all not normal, hidden from their destinies, killed by non-mortals. Two hundred years ago, was the first seven, and they fell into the low. Seven kids, way back when, never found again. Seven kids, gone forever, only to reincarnate…Can you SEVER?

This time, it wasn't just Angel who heard it.

"Oh gosh..." Savannah's eyebrows narrowed. "Sacha is that you? Come out now, while you still have your dignity...don't make me come find you!"

Eli held the young girl before she got all fired up. "Quiet!"

"Oo, what if it's for real?" Angel's eyes goggled.

"No way." Savannah said surely. "I'm going upstairs." She exited the kitchen and slammed the door.

Both Eli and Angel couldn't help but jump. Eli got a mischievous smile on his face. "And then there were two..."

"Shut up." Angel rested her chin on her knees.

"Don't tell me what to do, kid."

Angel scoffed.


As soon as the door closed, she found herself gagged and dragged into the family room. Savannah coughed a bit. And she rolled her eyes when she saw who it was. Evenisa and Swanee, Ravon and Rin's girlfriends. "Oh sure. Let me guess, you and the boys came back early from the movies to come play that ridiculous prank on us?"

The girls burst out into hysterical laughter.

"I have to admit, the effects were pretty amazing. Wow, I didn't realize what a little old movie effects could do to some scared teenage minds."

"What are you talking about?" Evenisa, the blond one, stopped laughing.

Swanee, the pretty brunette, stopped as well. "We're not playing any prank! We just came by to tell you that the boys decided to ditch this party for Nosilla's."

"Yeah and Ravon wanted us to come here and make sure everything was going smoothly and then we're going to Nosilla's." Evenisa added.

Savannah was confounded.

"And what were you going to do if everything was NOT going smoothly?" Xela entered the room, grinning madly.

The three girls screamed.

Eli and Angel glanced at each other with panicked looks. "Do you think…?" Angel let the questioned drone on.

"Let's check up on them."

"Right." The two dashed into the room, slowing to a stop to see the girls and Xela standing there, Xela the only one grinning.

If you will excuse me, I have matters to attend," Xela instantly muttered, only taking a couple glances at Eli and Angel, then up to see Chloe's little group. "It invokes economies matters on the Alex Enterprice."

And he left, leaving the girls there, hearts beating rapidly.

"He's freaky," Evenisa claimed.

"Agreed," Swanee said, and then they turned and left.

Savannah turned towards Angel, her face red from embarrassment, fright, and just plain old shock. "That friend of yours has some serious problems!" she yelled. "I tell him to stop pranking us!"

Angel glared back, and the room silenced to hear the girl's fight. "Oh yeah? I've never seen him act like that! Ya know, if you weren't so LOW, I may actually be able to tolerate you!"

"Low? I may be low now, but I'll be at the top of the charts someday, and you'll be rockin' out to my tunes!"

"Oh, ya know, you can go to the top."

"Really?" Savannah asked, looking a bit shocked.

Angel smirked. "Yeah. Your heads so full of helium you could float to the top!"

"ARGH! A girl with your attitude doesn't deserve to be so rich!"


"EXACTLY! You're like a newborn baby, so inexperienced! You know, I bet it was YOU who pulled that trick, wasn't it? You and your little friend set that up?"

"NO WAY! I wouldn't do that!"

"Could've fooled me!"

"LADIES!" Chloe yelled, running in front of the two fighters. She turned to Savannah. "What the heck happened in the cellar that has you two so fed up with each other?"

"SOMEONE sang a creepy little song that scared the crud out of me!" Savannah cried. "And then Angel's friend comes up, actin' all spooky-like, and she wants us to think it wasn't him who pulled this!"

"I never said it wasn't him! I just said that I WASN'T INVOLVED!"

"HUSH IT!" Sacha yelled, him and Allya, followed by Rodger, running down the stars. "It doesn't matter. But we need to talk. We found something upstairs. I think I could've been my brothers, though, but they don't."

"Wait a minute, I just noticed something." Rodger said. "Angel, you come from a wealthy family?"

She nodded appropriately.

"My family's not doing so bad with the cash crop either." Rodger said. "Come to think of it, we may even be considered the upper-class."

"Your point?" Eli was waiting.

"Well Sacha's parents and brothers are all billionaires." Rodger stated.

"Yes they are." Sacha answered smugly. Sacha was technically a billionaire too, and proud of it! "I know Allya's older sister was on the top charts back in her day..."

"She's retired to her private island in Hawaii now." Allya said proudly.

Rodger nodded. "See? You see it?"

"See what?" Sacha asked.

"Allya and her family are billionaires." Savannah started to catch on. "My father owns a very successful hunting business where he gives lessons on shooting animals and surviving in the wilderness. And every year I'd say he brings home..."

"How much?" Chloe and Eli asked in wonder.

"Oh, around 200,000 once you filter out the taxes. We'd be millionaires if it wasn't for my uncle's medical bill."

"And Eli?" Rodger turned to him. "How wealthy are your folks?"

Eli looked a bit guilty. "My real parents are dead. But my adoptive father, oh he has a real swell job teaching at Komoto Prep School..."

"The pay?"

"Komoto's a rich school. Since it's in Japan, they pay in Yen. I don't know the exact ratio of American dollars to yen, but I think my dad brings home a good 500,000 Yen a month."

"Sounds like alot. That's good enough for me." Said Rodger. "Well isn't it obvious? Whoever is doing this is targeting rich kids!"

Instantly, everyone looked around at each other, and all seven held in their breath. Well, besides Chloe.

"YES!" she yelled. "For ONCE, not being rich has done something good for me!"

"And I'm not the richest by far," Savannah mentioned. "I know Allya and Sacha are richer then me by far."

"I'm out, too," Rodger mentioned. "I'm not even a millionaire. Which leaves you four…"

Eli, Sacha, Allya, and Angel.

"I don't know the currencies, but I would say they wouldn't be high like billions," Eli mentioned. "It's a lot, yeah, but not a whole lot. You three."

Savannah turned to Angel. "How much money do your parents make?" she asked.

Angel bit her lip. "See, I don't really know…I just know they give me what I want when I want it."

"Wow. I wish I had your parents," Chloe noted. "All mine do is work, work, and work, and I still rely on Allya and Savannah for taking me to the movies."

"No, you don't," Angel shot back. She looked down. "I hate my parents… SO! Let's see which of the two of you it is, okay?"