Saturday, January 19, 2012

I think I might have a concussion. I got hit it the face during my basketball game on Tuesday - it happens every season, no big deal - and ever since then I've had this on and off head ache. It will just pop up at the worst, most random moments, then go away later. It's been happening less and less lately, but it's worrying me. In fact, I have that head ache right now. And though my memory was crappy in the first place, now it's even worse. I can barely remember anything for more than a minute unless I write it down - and even then I might not even remember. I told my mom, and she gave me an asprin and sent me to school. Big surprise there.

Besides that, I've been feeling pretty good lately. Except for basketball and biology class. Basketball - well, I've done enough ranting with that. And biology just ruins my day. I was having a great day yesterday. In art, I drew different types of eyes (I like drawing eyes. They say a lot about a person). In history, we did a reinactment of the Industrial Revolution, and at each "workstation" we got to color. In Italian, we did absolutely NOTHING. At lunch, I prevented a possible fight. Then came biology. It was a double period today (two periods in a row), and we had to complete a packet AND answer 50 questions from the textbook. I couldn't focus, so I went to the bathroom. Really, I went into the cafeteria to talk with my friends who had lunch then. And I guess that DOES make it my fault that I didn't finish all the work, but some people actually tried and finished less work than me. After that, English was really easy and fun and stress relieving. So without biology, it would've been PERFECT.

But even on my good days, basketball comes along and ruins it. I shoot my foul shots lefty, even though I'm a righty. Then - after months of watching me shoot foul shots - the coach tells me "You're shooting the ball wrong. Shoot it right-handed because that's your dominent hand." I KNOW I'm right handed. But I shoot foul shots lefty, and I'm not going to change that now. So deal with it. At least I MAKE my shots - unlike a lot of others on the team. But I'm not about to start arguing with the coach; it'll only make things worse. I would quit, but I'm not that kind of person. If I start a sport season, I finish it no matter what.

Lately, my friends have decided me and this other blonde guy - Craig - were made for each other and need to go out. Craig and I don't even talk that much; we only know each other because we're both friends with Lindsey. But suddenly, my friends are all "You two look sooo cute together!" and crap like that. Both of our reactions were something like "EWWWW THAT'S SO GROSS". Unfortuneately, I didn't really mean what I said. I think he's a really great guy. Sure, he can be kind of a douche, but in a humorous way. I just feel this really strong connection between us that I can't explain, and I really do hope he asks me out. Unlike all my previous loves/crushes, I can actually IMAGINE a future with us. Like I can see where we could be years from now. But I don't think he likes me back. I only told Lindsey, and she's trying to figure out his interests to see if we have anything in common. I've talked to him a little, but not all that much. We only see each other in the before homeroom SOMETIMES. I'm not telling anyone else about my feelings for him, though. I'm done with telling people that kind of stuff and having it spread around.

Ok, I think that's it for now. And as a random last thought:

Long live rock and roll, bitches. Long live rock and roll.

~The Amazing Steve