One cold, snowy December evening in the year 2042, a beautiful baby boy was born. He weighed 5lbs. 14oz. and he had blue eyes and brown hair. He was a quiet baby; he didn't do much either. He just sat their and stared up at the ceiling; he seemed to like it. There was something about it that he just loved.

Nobody, not even his parents knew what to call him. His dad was reading the Sunday News when it hit him.

"I know just what to call this baby!" he exclaimed. "I shall call him… dramatic pause… Kevin!"

"Why?" asked his mom.

"Because I said so!" said Kevin's dad.

"Works for me" Kevin's mom said.

It seemed like the baby liked the name. He smiled every time someone said it. When it was time to go home they packed up their things and the dad wheeled mom and the baby out to the car. They all went into the car and drove home.