Greg was lying in bed, sleeping. He was dreaming of a time when he was younger, about two years ago to be exact.

"Hey, whatcha doing?" asked a familiar voice.

"I'm matching socks." a voice replied.



"Then, why don't you go out and do something." he said. "You know life's too short just to match socks all day."

Greg heard a knock on his front door and he quickly woke up and looked out the peep hole in the door.

"The cops?! Why are they here?" Greg said to himself.

"Hey! Open up! This is the police!" Officer Stanley shouted.

Greg slowly opened the door and looked outside. "What can I do for you Officer?"

"Greg, you are under arrest." replied Stanley.

"What for?" Greg demanded.

"For the murder of Kevin, Charles, and Henry."

"I don't know those people." Greg said as he slammed the door on the officer.

Officer Stanley kicked down the door and barged in, but Greg was nowhere to be found. The cops searched everywhere they could, but he wasn't in the house. One of the cops noticed that someone was running down the street.

"After him boys!" Stanley yelled as he got in his car.

The police caught up with Greg before he reached the end of his street. "Greg, you're coming with us!" said Officer Stanley. He handcuffed him and shoved in the back seat of his car and slammed the door. Stanley hopped in his car and he drove Greg to the station.

"So, how you find out it was me?" Greg demanded.

"Well, for one thing, you showed your face to one of the security cameras." said Officer Stanley.

Greg remained silent the rest of the ride as he thought about why did that. When they got to the station, Stanley took Greg out of his car and walked him inside. They went through looked doors and down a hallway with cells on both sides. At the very end of the hallway there was a cell and it said 'reserved'.

"This is your cell, Greg. Get in!" Stanley said as he shoved Greg inside. He handed him an orange jump suite and said "Put this on, and someone will be by shortly to bring you over for questioning."

Greg just took the clothes and when Stanley left he put them on. Twenty long minutes later a young police officer came to his cell. He demanded that Greg go with him at once. They went down a hallway and came to a door labeled 'Interrogation Room'. The two went in; Officer Stanley was all ready in there waiting for them. The young office motioned Greg to sit on the other side of the table.

"Well, I think you know why you're here. Right, Greg." Stanley said.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Why you do it?" the other older looking officer said.

"Well," Greg started. "Those three they were my mortal enemies; I hated them sooo much."

"Ok, continue."

"…And they all just happened to be in the right place at the right time." Greg said.

"Ok, so do you know who killed the 69 people last year?" asked Office Stanley.

Greg's heart started to be even harder when he asked him that but Greg just sat there a few minutes and he finally said, "Yes, I do."

"Really? Well who was it then?" he asked.

"It was… it was me, ok. I had to kill them. I had no other choice; I was hired to kill those 69 people." He replied.

"Why? You could have said no."

"I know, but he was offering a large sum of cash and I really needed it."

And that was the end of their conversation. The young officer grabbed Greg and brought him back to his cell. "Someone we be by tomorrow with important information for you." The young officer said as he closed the door to Greg's cell.

Greg sat on the bench and thought about what he had just said back there. "I don't know what came over me." he said to himself. "I just don't. I guess I didn't want to be the only one who knew who killed those 69 people. I didn't even know them."

Greg just laid on the bench all night long listening to the sound of the dripping from the broken sink. It echoed through his head and painful daydreams kept popping up, here and there. All about what will happen to him in the future: shot, beaten, hanged; they all just kept coming. Sounds like some of the ways he killed some of the people.