She thinks of him every day of her life
pierces her soul like a sharp knife
the baby she had to abandon
her first born, her precious son

To young to handle responsibility
told this by peers repeatedly
gave in to pressure
heartbroken beyond measure

no day goes by
she doesn't cry
you'll often hear her sigh
memories drift by

She's afraid to look for him
in case only fulfilling her whim
he may not want to know
her forgotten long ago

Then the phonecall
she, held up by the wall
he wanted to find his birth mother
a space unfilled by another

She took three days to respond
scared of her he wouldn't be fond
without him she's had to live
would he be able to forgive

Today's the day
he's on his way
can bridges be built?
can the gaps be filled?

They scour each others face
for any sign of resemblance
then lock in a tight embrace

Takes time
I hope their futures sublime