A Stampede of Stories presents:

Harold Halibut

By: hal99

Good old Harold Halibut was popular and cool,

He was always really funny but sometimes he

Was a fool. Making fun of other fish was a game

He liked to play, but the bullied fish were not so

Fond and didn't feel this way. So one day Harold

Went to pull a prank on Minnow Mike, but Mike

Got all up in his face and said, "Go take a hike!"

Harold was confused so he did as Mike had said.

But nobody would talk to him so he just went to

Bed. And while he slept he had a dream about

Being alone. All of the other sea creatures had

Told him to go home. So Harold asked his group

Of friends why he felt so betrayed. They replied

To his query and told him what a mess he made.

All the constant teasing, had really hit the brim,

And that all of the other fish had had enough of

Him. Then with a jerk Harold woke from his

Dream, and felt the guilt rush in. He wasn't

Very cool at all, just a bully in fish skin.

So he swam like a mad man through the sea, to

Find the ones he hurt. He gave a huge apology,

Admitting that he was curt. He promised

Then to change his ways and be nicer than

before. And after that life changing,

day, he was a bully no more.