Candy land in a dream.

By toto23

Two kids were playing candy land and one of them Joe fell asleep. When they were playing candy land Joe had a terrible dream. And this is how it went.

When Joe feel asleep the dream kept getting horrible his friend Timmy how was the blue guy was attacking him and eating him alive. Joe's mom came running in because she heard him screaming in real life. Timmy was really attacking him. Then Timmy had to go home.

2 minutes later

Joes mom had already called 911 then Joe started to sing the song

somebody call 911 Timmy butts on fire on the dance floor.

When the police and the paramedics came they hurried Joe to the car and drove off. Mean wile Timmy had to go to jail. Then Timmy's mom come and slapped him on his nose so soft that even you could feel it. It Sacket the ground the earth was rotating.

But that does not matter.

Joe had to go to the emergency room and have his head color changed to purple.

Finally Joe was all back to normal well not really I mean besides his face because it was purple instead of rainbow.