The only thing separating you from this mad-man was the measly night-stand, Mr. Kevin must have sensed your uneasiness, because with just a flick of his wrist the invisible glue on my hands came free. You gave a minimal last glance upon your palms, before he spoke.

"Magical Restraints," he answered in a matter-of-factly tone, I didn't really know how he was able to speak clearly with that pipe in his mouth. "only a Master-level sorcerer could grant it without any incantations."

Your brows crease into a worried look, a sorcerer... shit. You turn your gaze to the Mr. Kevin, he moved his elbows on the table with his hands folded, and leaning close to the Gypsy globe- and staring intently at you.

"There is nothing to fear (Your Name), no harm will come to you." he spoke reassuringly. "But it is sadly required for you not to move from your seat."

He unclasped one of his hands and reached into his right robe-pocket and pulled out a small planner-like book, and leafed through it until he stopped to speak.

"Currently my job is at stake, like most of us Morphe-Bards our jobs are the most ridiculed in the realm, but it does pay good enough for us to keep our houses." he speaking with concern laced with worry. "The reason is because not a lot of people are coming, its understandable, but we need the money."

Your face cringed in confusion, stating that you didn't pay any fee, nor did you want to even come here.

In result gave off a snide laugh, "Of course you did, you came here through the dream-link!".

He laughed yet again when your face went to an exaggerated form of confusion, "Each visitors' payment is their dream-time, the link varies for each individual Bard and visitor. When the links collide between a Bard and the individual, the Dream-Time is immediately added to our pay-roster- so the longer you stay here the bigger the pay will be for us Bards!" He spoke the last sentence in obvious glee.

You immediately retort, explaining in fury and fear that you didn't want to here at all.

Mr. Kevin's gleeful face suddenly shifted into a disappointed and yet understood look, "Usually a lot of the Bards will keep their persons for however long they want, resulting to the visitor's body to be stuck in a temporary coma, if any longer the visitor will die in sleep, but the payment will be counted." The explanation left you on edge, but he still continued. "But unlike most Bards I do want my visitors to be alive afterwards, that's why I keep my stories as short and descriptive as I can, plus I did add a little option for them: You can quit anytime you want."

Before you could speak, he continued in haste, "But this decision is something to think deeply about, if you pull out so hastily there will be some slight side affects when you return to your conscious state."

The silence held between both of you was so thick and dark it seemed to be that time had stopped.

Mr. Kevin repeated robotically, "You could leave and take the risk... Or you could stick around for the story." The last option was seething with an innocent hope.

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