100 years have passed since the beginning of the war between Humans and Demons. Though the Humans have stood their ground for a good amount of time they have weakened and parts one their land have fallen to the Demons. Despite the Demons and Humans bitter hatred something had changed no one had know about. Two people were born. Two people who could change the 100 year war. Their lives intertwine with others, and they eventually find out their fate. This is the story how it starts and how it will end.

DARK Phase 0: Demons, Angels, Revenge, and Killing

Chapter 0: DARK

There was the cry of a new born baby from a house. In the house the mother who had given birth had been lying down in silence. The father was holding his new born son. The family could not go to a hospital to have the baby delivered. Their kind was not allowed there.

"It's a boy, honey," The father said.

The mother was still lying down in silence. Not a single breath had escaped her mouth.

"He looks exactly like me. I guess he didn't get any of your looks," The father said in a shaken voice, "I'll give him the name you wanted,"

Tears ran down the fathers eyes and the sound of the child crying still rung out.

6 years later

A boy ran ahead of his Dad laughing and smiling. Despite the harsh times he had been upon he was still a happy person.

"Hey, come on, don't run ahead like that," The father said.

"Come on, Daddy. Hurry up!" The boy exclaimed happily.

"Ha ha, fine, fine," the Father said with a sigh.

The boy had stop running ahead and the Dad had caught up.

"Hey, son, why do you go by a name different then your given one," the Dad asked

"Why? Do I have to have a reason?" the boy asked.

"No, I just thought you might have one," the Father said.

"Well…" The boy started.

A boy was sitting in a pool of blood all around him were dead people. He was in front of his father who was also dead. The boy had something in his hand given to him by his father. He clenched it tightly and ran.

In the shadows there was a girl who had watch what had happened. She was crying and also shivering in fear. Her whole family was killed by an incredibly powerful monster. The girl stopped crying, but still was shivering, wondering what it would be like to have that power.

A boy had knocked on a house door. It was dead at night and the boy's clothes were drenched in blood. He had kept knocking on the door till a person answered. It was a boy who was about five or six years older than him, and also looked a lot like him.

"Your! Why are you here alone? What-," The boy that answered the door started.

"Dad's dead!" The younger boy cried out.

1 year later

The walls were red. Not because they were painted that way, though. In the room stood a girl and a man, but also in the room there were several dead bodies.

"Who did this?" The girl asked the man

"It was me," The man said with no hesitation.

"W-who are you?" The girl asked frightened.

The man grinned like a mad man. "I'm-"

The forest was raging with fire all around, but in the fire stood a girl who seemed unaffected by it. The girl had looked around seeing the flames.

"W-where am I," She muttered

3 years later

At school a boy sat alone at his desk he was quiet and not very social. A person energetic boy approached him.

"Hey, are you not going to talk again today," said the energetic boy.

"Do you intend to keep on bothering me," the unsocial boy said with a sigh

"Hey, come on I just want to be your friend," the energetic boy said, "I bet we'll get along. We even look alike."

"Whatever," the unsocial boy said.

A boy wondered the streets alone with nothing to do. He had no money or food for that matter. Then he spotted a girl he had met before.

"Hey!" He said going over to her.

"Oh, it's you," the girl said, "Shouldn't you be at school?"

"Shouldn't you?" The boy countered.

"Good point," the girl said with a smile.

They walked along talking together as their friendship grew.

2 years later

At the park there were a group of middle school guys and one middle school girl. They were standing to where they were facing each other. Though there were five guys the girl stood her ground then a boy showed up and walked next to the girl.

"Ok, I can't just stand her and watch five guys fight one girl," The boy who showed up said.

"You!" The girl let out.

"Oh, so you called back up, huh," One of the other middle school guys said.

"I didn't ask for help," The girl said to the boy who showed up.

"I'm helping anyways," The boy said.

"This isn't your problem," The girl complained.

"I don't care," the boy said.

"I don't need your-"the girl started.

"Enough talking, let's fight!" One of the guys said rushing over to the girl and the boy.

"Shut up!" The girl and boy said in resonance. The boy had punched the guy in the face at the same time the girl kicked the guy in the stomach

3 years later

Beaten up punks were face down on the ground moaning in pain. Standing there was a first year High School student and a shy girl.

"Are you ok?" The guy who had beat up the punks asked.

"Y-yes, t-thank you," The girl answered shyly.

"That's good." He said, "Your friend should be on her way. I'll stay with you till then."

"T-thank you," The girl said shyly

A father hit his son so hard he fell to the ground.

"Dammit, you've failed me again! You're a pathetic excuse for a son," the father said

"I'm sorry, father," The son said, "Is there anything I can do to make up for it?"

"Hmm, actually yes there is," The father said with a suspicious evil in his voice, "I want you to hunt for this person, and I want you to kill them. Only then can you prove you're really my son."

The father handed the son a picture. The son examined it.

"Who would this be?" The son asked

"Well, his name is-"

"I kidnapped who you want me to, now tell me what I have to do next," a girl said.

"Well there is one more task for you. You have to use another person," a seemingly crazy man said

"Who?" the girl asked

"Well, his name is-"

A girl who was almost old enough to be out of high school was writing a letter to someone.

Hello, cousin, how have you been? I've been fine if you've been wondering. I'm a senior in high school now and only have one more year till I graduate. Crazy, huh? As you may be guess I am still waiting for that boy. I wonder how he is. Though I only heard his name once I can still remember so well. It was-

A man sat on the edge of a cliff. Behind him stood man who seemed bothered by something.

"You don't seemed bothered by this," The man standing said

The man sitting on the edge of the cliff chuckled "Well you seem really bothered," he countered

"Why wouldn't I," The man standing said, "This is a recipe for disaster."

"It may be a recipe of solution instead," The man sitting said

"But that would go against your goals," said the man standing

"Well, I guess it would, but we'll just have to watch and see," the man sitting said with a laughing.

"So we leave it to him, Huh?" The man standing said.

"Not just him, but my daughter as well," The man sitting said, "But, I still might think he's more interesting. What was his name again? Wasn't it –"

"Dark," a girl with hair that were like flames and eyes that were like ember said, "I have a secret I have to tell you."

Standing in the silent forest was the girl and the boy with the simple name Dark. And so, the tragedy began.

Three Weeks Earlier.

To Be Continued…

A/N: Hello, Reader. I hope you enjoyed Phase 0 of DARK as always tell me what you think in the reviews. You may be wondering what you just read and I'll give you an answer: you just read a very very short history of most of the important characters. Which ones are which will have to be found out by you or will be told later in the story but for now all you know is the character Dark. I hope you enjoy the hunt to find out who is who. Till the next Phase