Chapter 1: Sold Into Prison

"Mia!" A stern, male voice called out.

A little five-year-old girl, dressed in a pure white nightgown, slowly crept down the stairs into another room. She had slightly wavy, brown hair and innocent grey eyes. The room she hesitantly walked into had a black, grand piano sitting in the corner, with a teal couch to the right of it. Upon the couch, there were two people sitting on it, one a male the other female. The room's walls were painted a light green and the flooring was pure white carpet. The brightly lit room greatly contrasted with the thick tension filling it.

The stern couple sitting on the teal couch looked to be in their mid-thirties. The woman had brown hair and brown eyes, while the man had slightly wavy, black hair that was slicked back and yet still maintained the slight wave. His eyes were a shocking blue. Both the man and woman were dressed in formal business attire, as if they were about to go to a business meeting or interview.

"Yes, Mother, Father?" The little girl was looking down at her feet, her hands forming clenched fists at her sides. Her eyes were swirling with sadness and pain.

"We are not your parents," snapped the woman, "I only have one child, and that is not you. There is no way I could give birth to a child of your kind." The little girl did not answer to this. "You are going to be sent to a new location." The woman stated.

The little girl looked up, shocked and frightened. "But-but why?! I've never done anything wrong! Please," the little girl begged, "please, don't send me away."

The man and woman ignored the little girl's pleas. "You will be sent to a place where people like you are," the man paused, "I dare say, accepted."

"C-Can I say goodbye to Joshua before I have to…go?" The little girl asked, accepting her fate. Their previously loving and caring nature was completely gone. She was no longer 'daddy's little angel' and she knew that once her parents' minds were set, nothing could change it. Joshua, the little girl's older brother, was six years her elder, but was not home. She could never say goodbye to her brother, the only person who accepted her for who she was even when he knew what she was.

"They're here now." The woman said and glared at the small girl, who looked down to avoid the painful, patronizing glares.

Men in black suits walked into the room through the front door. Mia's eyes widened and she backed up into the wall behind her, cowering to the floor. "No! NO!" she cried, "Get away! Get away!" The men got closer and she curled into a ball, trying to hide. "I'm not a monster, I'm not a demon, I'm MIA!"

I woke with a start. My eyes had snapped open and my breathing was heavy. That was the day the Scavengers brought me to my new "home." Scavengers. They were agents who roam our planet, Dia, looking for those of my kind to be brought to a living hell. They were the ones who sought for the garbage other people left behind. I shut my eyes slowly, remembering the betrayal, the pain, the hurt I experienced at a very young age, as I laid on my small, uncomfortable bed. A little girl, rejected by her family and at an age normally considered too young to have been sent away or separated from her family. But I was not considered normal. "Daddy's little angel," I scoffed, I vaguely remember them before they sent me away. All I remember now is their sneering, harsh faces. My last memory.

My room was a small, cement room with an equally small bed, consisting of white, cotton sheets on a hard mattress all on top of a plain metal framing. The room connected to an equally small private bathroom with a similar décor (or rather lack of) as the bedroom.

I sat up in bed wearing the standard uniform, which consisted of a plain, white shirt, and white, cotton pants. The Institute also provided comfortable, but very ugly, grey shoes. I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw a girl with long, wavy brown hair and grey eyes looked back at me. My lips were pink and I had natural blush on my cheeks, which stood out against my fair skin. I was thin and could be considered a slightly unhealthy thin, but I was definitely built. My muscles were strengthened with years of training. I wasn't gorgeous, but I was at least somewhat attractive, which is good enough for me and helped me with my…occupation, if you could even call it that. I'm not so concerned about my outer appearance since I'll never be able to escape this place anyway. Plus, no one would want me. Those of my kind are shunned and ostracized. After I finished my morning routine, I went back to my bed and sat on it, leaning against the wall it was pushed against, waiting.

The door to my room slid open at exactly 7:30 A.M. — the same time it opened every day. As I walked out, I saw others walking out of their own rooms, or rather cells, which was the first thing I saw every morning. The hallways were plated with metal and rooms lined both sides all the way down the hall.

"Hey, Mia." A boy with short, black hair and green eyes said.

"Good morning, Von." I replied and yawned, my eyes blurring slightly from yawn, which were quickly wiped away.

Von and I walked out of the hall our rooms were located in, his cell being just a few doors down from mine. At the front of the hall, there was a metal door that opened the same time as the sorry-excuse-for-room doors opened. We walked through the gloomy and depressing hallways to get to the dining hall, which was like a large cafeteria. There were metal benches that filled the whole room, equal spacing between each bench. Each of the benches could hold about twenty people on each side. I parted with Von to sit in my designated seat.

I sat down quietly, climbing into the bench, and turned to my best friend, who sat to my right: Tanya. She had tanned skin and black hair. Her hair annoyed her all the time, so she had cut it just above her shoulders. She had naturally purple eyes and stood at a short five-foot-one. I was a little taller than her, standing at five-foot-four. We were immediate friends ever since our arrival and she was my best friend.

Both of us had arrived at this place at the same time. We were both six when we were sent here. I remember the day just like yesterday; it was one of my clearest memories.

I was shoved roughly into a room, with ten other kids in it. We were all told to stand in a line and I did as I was told. There were people in white coats in front of us with clipboards; they were writing down stuff and glancing up every once in a while before moving on to another child. The room was in total silence.

I felt a nudge on my arm and I turned to look at the perpetrator. It was a little girl, who looked about my age. She had a large grin on her face and she was staring at me looking somewhat excited. I tilted my head in confusion.

"I'm Tanya." The girl whispered.

"Mia." I replied, softly.

"I think we're going to be the best friends." She said and winked.

Who knew at the time little six-year-old Tanya was one-hundred-percent correct. It's been ten years and we were definitely "the best of friends."

The dining room was filled with about a few hundred kids all dressed alike. Everyone was chatting quietly and waiting for their breakfast to arrive.

"Did you have any tests yesterday?" Tanya asked me, curious.

My eyes dulled and I looked slightly down. "Yeah." I said softly.

"What did they do to you?" she asked quickly and slightly angrily.

"I don't really want to talk about it." I replied. I felt her staring at me. She knew I hated every single experience I had, so she didn't push it. Out of all my fellow prisoners, my tests were always the worsts. Of course, that's what you get with having the head of the Institute as your personal doctor. Yesterday wasn't fun, Tanya. I thought to myself. Of course, no day here is ever "fun."

People in white coats — who were called Observers — led me to a room. There was a metal lab table in the middle and my hands clenched. I didn't want to go through this. They laid me on the table and locked my limbs in place with metal cuffs. Observers were lining the small room.

"This is subject 0103, also known as Mia." A man with a white coat said. He had hoary hair and thick, wire-framed glasses. His eyes were a pale blue, so light that it almost seemed like his eyes had no color. In his hand was an injection needle filled with a bright blue liquid. This man was Dr. Lorate.

When he had said my name, I saw some people's eyes widen a little.

"This is Mia?" I heard a voice in my mind from my telepathic abilities. Must be one of the interns. I cut off my ability, so I wouldn't have to hear the thoughts of everyone around me. Of all the people who did not see me as a person, but an experiment — a test subject.

"Mia is the most advanced in her ability." He explained to the others, who I assume were new. "She already reached level eight and it's still increasing." People gasped.

There were ten levels assigned to people with abilities like me. Some people stayed at certain levels, while others increased or even decrease. In my case, it was a constant increase. Those of us with high levels are called the Elites. We go out on the most missions and do whatever is assigned to us efficiently and quickly. We are the most vigorously trained and suffer the most painful and inhumane tests. But we bear through it because we must, because it's forced upon us for our survival.

"Her powers are Telepathy, Mental Projection, and Telekinesis." People were scribbling down all this information on their clipboards as they observed. "We're going to test the newly developed NF8K drug on her." Some eyes around the room widened slightly in recognition, but did not question or comment. Dr. Lorate turned to an Observer that was standing on the other side of the lab table. "Put the Limitators on."

The assistant nodded and grabbed two thick, metal bands and locked them on my biceps. "Glad to be of assistance." I scoffed. I immediately felt the cuffs restraining my abilities.

"Yes, Mia, you're a great help." He said with a smile. "This should increase your telepathy range, Mia. It shouldn't hurt…too much." He leaned over and injected the needle into my arm. What followed after was three hours of screaming and excruciating pain as people watched and observed, glancing down and writing on their clipboards, observing.

My mind went back to present time as the doors had opened to reveal Observers with trays of food. I saw Dr. Lorate. He was the head of the research institute called Institute for the Exceptional and Gifted, or simply IEG. Not only was Dr. Lorate the head of the Institute, but also my personal Observer. He had taken an interest in my case, when I entered. After many successful tests, he gained the position of Head Researcher. I was the reason behind his current status. Those successful tests were all performed on me.

We locked gazes as he walked over, a tray in his hands. He placed the tray in front of me and put a hand on my forehead. "How are you feeling, Mia?"

"Fine." I mumbled. "Thank you for the food." He ruffled my head, like I was still six-years-old and exited the room. I disliked the man, but he treated me well enough and was probably even more of father to me than my own had been, sadly, or more accurately, had become. But, of course, I would never have a love for this man like a normal girl would with a normal father. I looked down at my tray and saw a plate of delectable food. Sure, they do lots of tests on us, but at least they have pretty decent food. In a dreary place like this, there is almost nothing happy, so each and every one of us take any scrap of happiness we can get out of it. I dug into my omelet. "This is pretty good." I remarked.

"Yeah. This place is a prison, but at least we get good food." Tanya stated softly and started eating her breakfast sandwich at a slightly faster pace than what was considered normal. Her level two super speed powers could have impacted her unusually fast eating pace, though. I've questioned her on it before, but was promptly (and unexpectedly, because it happened so fast) smacked on the back of the head and given a long speech about how she was perfectly healthy and weighted. I never said anything about weight, but didn't want to have to suffer through a second lecture and therefore held my tongue back.

We ate in silence. Everyone's meals were all different according to the diets that the Observers give us. Everyone in this room has Observers that take care of everything they do and eat. Some people, though, like me, have a personal team, because the subject is very powerful or their ability is dangerous. People like me need someone focused entirely on me.

I looked at the Limitators on my person. I had two bracelets—one on each wrist—, two earrings on my left ear and one on my right, an ankle bracelet, and a ring. Over the years, I was given more and more Limitators to wear twenty-four-seven. My bracelets were simple silver and gold, thin wires that were twisted together, but very effective. My earrings were just plain, silver-colored, stud earrings; and my anklet was a simple, silver-colored chain. The ring on my middle finger on my left was a silver band with my name engraved into it. Dr. Lorate had given it to me when I was seven-years-old as a gift.

I received it when I returned from my first mission: an infiltrate and destroy mission of an enemy base located on the planet. And now, every time my abilities increase, I'm given a new Limitator; each is stronger than the previous. And each one of them could only be taken off by the Observer (or Observers) in-charge of the subject can take them off, which they almost never do when in the Institute. Since my Limtators just suppressed my abilities and didn't actually negate them, I could still use my abilities during a regular day, but it was still only a fraction of what I could do without them. Instead of being a level eight, I was down to a level four. Everyone above level five had strong Limitators on them that made them level fours instead.

Everyone in this room has a special ability. Some are harmless, while others are very dangerous. This research facility was designed to round us all up and use us as weapons for the government during war. The Observers are supposed to enhance our abilities and find out why we have them in the first place. Why us out of all the other people on our planet.

The most common abilities are elemental control, but the levels can vary. There are some rare abilities, like mine, that are dangerous and must be kept under strict control. The more dangerous ones, though, are commonly sent to do work for the government even when they are still actively in the Institute. The planet we live on is constantly in war, so all of us are congregated here to enhance our abilities and use them for "a greater good". We with special abilities are called Xenos by others and are all cataloged in a program called the X-Project. Those that have left the Institute are sent to another facility that monopolizes their abilities for government purposes. We're never allowed to return to the public communities. We remain segregated from them and after finishing our training and tests we go live in compounds close to where we're assigned to work.

Whenever anyone goes out of missions, we get our Limitators taken off to increase our chances of survival. Not everyone goes on missions, though, so some people have never gotten theirs taken off. Even after leaving the Institute, the Limitators remain on. Tanya has been on one mission and she barely came back alive. Some of the students don't come back at all, but not because they ran away, but because they died. There are preventative measures to make sure we cannot run away. However, it's nothing involving technology. Rather, it is society. We're rejected for having abilities, so there is no way to integrate ourselves back into the community. There's no way to hide our abilities either, because eventually it will slip out no matter how hard we try. Every once in a while, our powers may flare out of control; it could be induced by emotions or even hormonal changes. If there are no physical features to identify us as different, then eventually our abilities will slip out and we'll be found. We live in fear of others. Time and time again I've thought to myself that I should run away, but I can never bring myself to it. I could never just escape by myself, though I've often thought about it.

A few times, after finishing missions, I come across an endless field and it's so tempting. I wanted to run, to sprint, to leave this place. But I knew that if I did, those back at the Institute would suffer. They would torture Tanya and all my other friends. They were hostages to ensure my return. It would have been so easy to just run and keep running, but I would leave those I loved behind—my family. And I could never abandon them. I could never be that selfish.

I ate the last bite of my meal and waited until it was time to start training, lost in my thoughts with the remaining time. I had combat and mental training every day and for the whole day if I didn't have tests. A short tone was played throughout the building to notify that training started. I went to combat training before lunch and mental after. My mental training was done with Dr. Lorate, while I had combat with Mr. Herrow; he was a Xenos teacher with the same ability as Tanya, but his level was unknown to me. He was and still is in the X-Project. Unused in the field, he was assigned to teach to increase our levels of survival when we get our assignments. I don't think any of us want to have any part of this, but we can't help it. Outside of this compound, everyone sees us as spawns. They believe that through this program we will have use as weapons of destruction—controlled weapons of destruction.

I headed towards the changing rooms, where there were clothes laid out to wear when in training. I changed into the loose, black shorts and grey tank top that was laid out. No shoes were worn during training, so I took them off and left them inside the changing room, throwing all the clothes into a clothes-drop chute. After tying up my hair, I headed out into the arena.

As I walked to class, I noticed some of the Observers rushing around and looked alarmed. I ignored it and continued to combat training. I arrived at a large amphitheater-like room, but with no seats. The top was opened, but unable to pass because of a force field shield that blocked anyone from coming in or going out. We called it the Coliseum.

Mr. Herrow was standing in the middle of the dirt amphitheater. For all my years at the institute, Mr. Herrow has been my combat teacher. He taught me defense, offense, and gave tips to use my powers to my advantage. There wasn't much I could do but spar others, since I had learned almost everything. I was trained more vigorously and at a faster pace than any of the other Xenos, since I am more often put on missions. The only thing I could do left was learn strategies, which we did rarely. But it doesn't matter because when you're out on the field it's all instinct. There's no time to plan or think when people are aiming for your life. Most of the students were still trying to perfect moves. I tended to just spar with others who have the same degree of learning as I.

Mr. Herrow's loud, booming voice sounded throughout the theatre. "Pair up and spar."

I saw Von standing there and went over to him. "Want to spar?" I asked him

He smiled at me and said, "Don't we always spar together?"

"True." I jumped back five feet, using my telekinesis to propel me far. "Bring it." I said cockily and beckoned him to come towards me.

He smirked and took a defensive position. I stood up, not taking a position at all. He came at me and proceeded to punch my face. I ducked and shoved him with my body. He took a step back and kicked his foot out, hitting me on the side. But it was not very hard since I maneuvered myself to avoid it, partially since I knew I couldn't completely avoid it. I was good but Von was also good. I came at him and kicked at his face, my body turning slightly to the side. He blocked it with his forearm and brought his right fist towards my chest. I ducked to dodge and spun, swiping his feet. He fell on his back and proceeded to roll over, avoiding my punch that made contact with the ground instead.

Von's air abilities were at level six, which was pretty strong, but with his Limtators on, he was a level four—the same as me. We were at equal standing. Because of that, it would all depend on our ability to incorporate our abilities into our distinct stylistic fighting styles.

We both stood and his body was slightly turned to the right. I smirked and used my telekinesis to push him back. He held his ground and used his ability of air. The air was condensed and could harm me if I didn't take caution. Holding my hand up, I created a telekinetic shield. He used this opportunity to lunge at me. I read his mind and avoided it a millisecond before he would've made contact. He grunted slightly in frustration and compressed the air around him. By doing this, he had created a shield around himself. I gritted my teeth annoyed and counter-acted him with my telekinesis. I left my telepathic abilities on and read his plans. Since he knew of my power, he tried to keep his mind blank. While fighting, though, it's difficult to not plan your next attack, so I could still read what he was going to do.

We were about to attack each other with our abilities, but a voice ran through the stadium. "Mia! Rowan!" A voice called. I turned to the amphitheater entrance and saw Dr. Patrick standing there. Her blonde hair was in a bun and here green eyes were piercing. I went over to her with another girl named Rowan. Rowan was a curly, brown-haired girl with light orange eyes. That's another thing about us Xenos'. We tend to have odd colored eyes sometimes. Rowan was a young girl at the age of seven. Her abilities were harmless, but effective. She had power negation. Since her powers didn't have any offensive side to it, she had to work hard in combat. Her powers were at the only level power negation came with: ten. Since it wasn't an offensive power, though, she wasn't an Elite. Her powers were useful, but only ideal in certain circumstances.

I wonder why they need Rowan. I mean, it's just power negations…has something gone wrong? To bring me into this too, though…what's going on?

The two of us girls exchanged questioned looks when Dr. Patrick turned her back. We followed her through the grey walls of the institute. She led us to an observatory room that overlooked a quarantine room. The room wasn't able to negate powers, but it could withstand any. Dr. Lorate was in the room. There were other Observers with him and they were all staring at the one-way window that looked into the room below. Dr. Patrick went right up to Dr. Lorate and said something to him. He turned to the two of us and beckoned us over. Rowan was trembling in fear, so I took her hand and we went over to Dr. Lorate. Most people in the Institute were afraid of Dr. Lorate, but with all my time spent with him, he was like any other Observer.

"Mia. Rowan." He said and turned to us. I nodded in response. "We need you two to suppress a Xenos. He just arrived today and he's out of control. We can't subdue him through other means." I nodded again. He handed me some papers and I took a look at them. I had to drop Rowan's hand to flip the pages, holding the pages low so she could take a glance.

On the left corner of the page was a picture of a rather young male with red eyes and coal, black, medium-length hair. He was smiling in a random direction in the picture, obviously taken as a candid photo. The boy looked to be about seven-years-old. I raised an eyebrow. They can't control a boy that doesn't even look ten-years-old, I thought before I looked at the information listed below.

Name: Jay
Age: 16 (approximately)
Power(s): Fire and Heat Manipulation, Accelerated Regeneration, Superhuman Durability, Night Vision
Level: 8 (stable)
Additional Information: Skilled in combat. Has avoided capture since nine-years-old.

Geez. This guy has so many powers.

"Do you understand, Mia?" I looked up at him and nodded. "Rowan, you will go in there with Mia by your side and negate his powers." She nodded shyly. He turned to look at me. "Even without his powers, he's still quite rowdy, so I need you to use telekinesis to hold him down." I nodded. He walked us over to an elevator that led down to the room below.

I took Rowan's hand and entered the elevator. Before the elevator closed, though, Dr. Lorate reached a hand out to my left hand. He removed a bracelet and the ring. Then he kneeled and freed me of my anklet, before removing one of the studs on my left ear. I immediately felt my powers spike in strength an immense flood of thoughts entered my mind. He handed me a communication device, which I took and put into my ear. Then, he nodded to me and the doors closed. Closing my eyes, I centered myself and breathed deeply. The elevator stopped and announced it would open in five seconds. The time was delayed to prepare the people inside for what was outside.

Rowan gripped my right hand. The doors slid open and across the room was a guy throwing fire at the metal walls. Thankfully, he hadn't noticed the elevator yet. Jay looked exactly like the picture, but definitely a lot older. He looked to be about six-feet and was quite toned. He was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans. His shoes were casual and slightly beat up. His face was contorted in anger. Probably from being locked up.

Rowan held out her right hand out towards Jay and his fire immediately ceased. He looked at his hands confused and closed them into a first before opening them again. He probably noticed us since his head whipped over to us. I stepped out calmly, with Rowan at my side, and held out my left hand. He slammed against the wall and started to struggle against my hold. I let go of Rowan's hand and continued to walk forward. Both Rowan and I's hands were still up, suppressing Jay.

I got closer and looked into his red eyes; they swirled with anger and hate. I even felt the waves come off of him even though I wasn't empathic, but I had a few friends who were. I stood so close to him that I felt the heat coming off of his body. We were just inches apart.

"Do whatever you need to stop him, Mia." I heard Dr. Lorate's voice through my comm.

I read the mind of the boy in front of me. "Who is this girl?"

"Your worst nightmare." I whispered. He froze for a second and I could read his mind. He was confused at my words, not understanding. His thoughts were along the lines of: "What the hell? She knew what I was thinking?" I leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Give up. You've lost and we haven't even begun."

I felt a blast at my stomach and I was pushed back on to the floor a couple yards from my opponent. "Ugh." I moaned on my back. I quickly looked at Rowan and saw that she was frozen in fear. Jay was letting out a tangible menacing aura and since she was so young she hadn't had much combat experience outside of the amphitheater. I mentally swore and turned to look at my opponent. Jay had a mass of flames in each of his hands and he was heading towards me, eyes blazing.

"I'll admit you surprised me for a second, but that's not going to happen again." He said. His voice was deep and seductive.

I glared at the guy in front of me and threw a telekinetic shield in front of me to protect myself from the fireball he had thrown at me. But I didn't expect him to turn towards Rowan's direction. "Rowan!" I yelled, trying to bring her back into the present to avoid the fire. But it was too late; he threw a fireball at her. She screamed as it hit her. "You unfeeling jerk!" I screamed. "She was only a little girl!" I yelled, angered. I telekinetically pushed Rowan gently to the edge of the room to be more out of harm's way. Her grey clothes were chard black in some places and it made me blaze with anger.

"Listen up, girl." He said, "You apparently don't care be kept in this prison, but I sure do."

Oh, how wrong you are, I thought to myself, just you wait. Then you'll understand.

Dr. Lorate's voice came into my comm. system. "We're getting another Negator, so hold off until then, Mia."

I didn't respond and focused on the guy in front of me. I glared at him and didn't say anything. I threw a telekinetic ball at him. How do you like them apples? He dodged it and I threw another with my other hand. At the same time, he threw a ball of fire and the two exploded, negating each other. I was crouched on the floor and glaring at him.

Resorting to combat, I charged him. He released his flames and ducked to dodge my kick. "Hold." Kick. "Still." Punch. I threw another ball of condensed telekinetic power and kicked him. The last kick hit his side and he flew across the room. I had put my power in that kick, so it would be stronger.

He pushed himself up with his arms and smirked. "You're better than I thought, chick." He stood and we faced each other at opposite sides of the room.

He lunged at me and I threw a shield up. He hit the shield and I let it down, letting a punch go towards his jaw. I purposefully left an opening, which he took advantage of. He tackled me to the ground; my wrists were above my head, held down by his and his knees were on my thighs, pinning me down. I wouldn't be able to move my limbs with his hold on me. Thankfully, I didn't need my limbs to use my abilities, but I didn't attempt yet.

He leaned down to my ear and said, "Not so hot, now, eh?" I rolled my eyes and used my powers to force him off me, threw him against the wall, and held him there.

He grunted when he hit it and I got up, putting one hand on my hip. "Sorry, Jay," I said sarcastically. "I don't need to use my hands to use my abilities." I said it like I was explaining it to a two-year-old. Then, I tapped the side of my head. "Telekinesis. Because I'm sure with your intellectual level, you haven't figured that out."

Observers rushed in and clasped Limitators on him. A Negator had also arrived and proceeded to negate his abilities, with me still holding him down. He already had his ears pierced so they replaced his with small, black hoops. They put black, two-inch, metal bands on his left wrists and a thick, black, flexible metal cord around his right wrist.

I sat on the floor; my legs and arms crossed, still keeping him still. He was glaring at me, while I sat there, highly amused. I knew for sure that I had a small smirk on my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw black dress shoes next to me. I looked up to see that Dr. Lorate was staring at me.

He had a new Limitator in his hand. He was holding his hand out, with a necklace hanging down in front of my face. I stared at it. It was a small, metal chain with two, silver angel wings hanging from it.Hmm. Not too shabby. "Your powers have increased." I nodded, but didn't show that I was actually pleased and, instead, faking indifference. He kneeled down and placed the necklace around my neck. The necklace hit right above the middle of my chest and I felt my powers weaken a little. Then, he proceeded to put the previous Limitators he had taken off, back on. I was back to normal, level-four me, but now I was almost level five even with my suppressors along with the addition of the new one.

"Mia," I looked at the Doctor. "You are going to help Jay adjust."

My eyes widened. "I refuse. He hates me."

"You will do as I say, Mia." I bit my bottom lip and reluctantly nodded. Even if I was his favorite Xenos, he was still harsh. Plus he could do so many…experiments on me. Disobeying him would result in another "demonstration." I felt a hand on my head again. "You're a good, girl, Mia."

After they finished giving Jay all his Limitators, I let him go. Dr. Lorate left with the Negator that had come and the Observers that rushed into the room. I glanced over to where Rowan's body would've been, but found it not there. They probably took her to the RH.

I approached Jay, unafraid. He was still being held by the security personal at the Institute, their large hands firmly on his shoulders. "I'm your new guide to the Institute. Nice to meet you." I held my hand out, with a fake smile. Instead of shaking it, he grabbed my forearm and pulled me roughly against him. I saw the security behind him tense a little. My face went serious and I stared back at him emotionless.

I looked up at his red eyes and he said, "Let me get this straight. You don't like me and I don't like you, so let's stay away from each other."

I sighed. "Well, sorry buddy, but we can't. Doctor's orders. I have to help you 'adjust.'" I said. "Now, do you mind letting me go?"