Chapter 1

"Ugh..." I moaned. "I can't get them on."

"It's okay, Mackenzie," said Veronica. "You can do this. Just pull them up." Veronica was standing above me.

As stupid fourteen year olds, Veronica and I thought it was great to squeeze ourselves into super skinny jeans. We were going to school and we wanted to look good.

But these weren't just ordinary jeans. These were Chelsea's jeans. They meant a lot to me. Whenever I wore these jeans, I felt really good, and I felt like my sister was alive.

I heaved and pulled. It wasn't a matter of trying; I had to get these jeans on.

"C'mon, you can do it." Veronica exclaimed. Easy for her to say. Everything she wore fit, and it molded her figure, just like a Barbie Doll. No matter how hard I tried, I could never look as good as her.

"You got it?" asked Veronica.

I struggled, but finally jumped up and pulled on my jeans. I could barely breathe it was such a tight fit. But just getting them on, I already knew it was the start of a good day. "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go."

I looked at the mirror. I saw blonde pigtails and blue eyes staring back. Veronica was next to me with her onyx black hair and violet eyes. She always looked better than I did, but at least today I looked good. "So, you ready?" I asked.

"Yeah, let's go," said Veronica.

Struggling to move in my tight jeans, I followed her out of my room, down the stairs, and into the living room. My brother Michael was there watching sports on television. But when he saw Veronica, he was watching her instead. I don't blame him.

"Where's granny?" I asked him.

"Still asleep," he said, running his hands through his spiky blonde hair. "Lemme guess. You're trying to sneak out again without her seeing you?"

"Duh," I said. He was always minding my business.

"I won't tell her," said Michael.

Thank God. If my grandmother saw what I was wearing, I'd be grounded for life. Aside from my skin-tight jeans, I was wearing a tight shirt, which was tied in a knot at the bottom to show off my midriff.

I grabbed my backpack and slung it around my back. Veronica and I were just about to go out the front door to catch the bus when my brother said, "You girls wear your pants waaaay too tight."

He said this to me all the time, and I always ignored him.

"Does it make my butt look big?" asked Veronica. She turned and bent over in Michael's face, her ass bulging in her purple jeans. I could've killed her for doing that. What the hell was her problem?

My brother stared at her perversely and said, "Awww yeah, that's hot!"

"Veronica!" I yelled. She was still bending over in my brother's face. "What the hell is wrong with you? Stop it. Stop it now! Let's go!"

She lifted her ass away from Michael's face. "Sorry Mike," she said. "Gotta go. Your sister's being stupid again."

I grabbed her hand and started pulling her out of my apartment front door. I slammed the door behind us and walked into the September breeze.

I stared into her violet eyes as we walked to her brother's car. "Why do you have to act like a total slut in front of my brother?"

"Oh, come on," said Veronica. "You know we were only having fun. Besides, you do the same thing when my brother is around."

"Yeah, well your brother is eighteen, mine's twelve," I said, searching my backpack for cigarettes. "That's a huge difference."

"Sorry," said Veronica. "I'll stop... hey, light me up?"

I used my lighter to light her cigarette. Then I pulled out a cigarette and started smoking. That was our breakfast. I expelled my first breath of nicotine, knowing that my life would get better from here on out.

"So, you sure this is okay?" I asked. We were walking toward her brother's rusty old sports car. Rap music blared from inside. The window was pulled down and Wesley was looking out the driver's window with his arms on the window base and a blue L.A. hat on backwards.

"Why wouldn't it be?"

"Veronica, didn't your brother lose his license?" I asked.

"Yeah, so?" said Veronica.

"Maybe I shouldn't ride," I said.

"Oh come on Mackenzie," said Veronica. "He's a good driver. Nothing's gonna happen. Come and have a little fun for once."

"If my grandma finds out, she'll ground me for life," I replied.

"And she never finds out," said Veronica. "All those clothes we stole, all the clothes you wear that she hates, all those clubs we snuck into... you know she never finds out."

"But... this is different..." I pleaded. I thought of the sportscar crashing into a truck and getting us all killed. "Look, I might just go catch the bus."

"C'mon girls, get in the fucking car," said Tim.

"Sorry Tim," Veronica yelled back. "Mackenzie's being a wuss."

As she said this, the school bus drove by, stopping three houses in front of us.

"Guess you have no one to bring you now," said Veronica, already halfway in the car.

I looked around. The bus was loading the kids. I was already too late.

"Fine, I'll ride," I said, even though I was terrified of riding in the back of Beevis and Butthead's car. I opened the back door and sat behind Tim. I took a deep breath and put my seat belt on. "Let's go."

"Mackenzie, seriously? You have your seatbelt on?" Veronica chuckled and Wesley and Tim joined in to laugh. "C'mon, enjoy the ride..."

I reluctantly unbuckled my seatbelt. We were in for a wild ride.