The sun sets

And the clouds fade away

Let the beauty of day

Become nights opening stage

Turn on the lights

Its time for act one

Dearest moon come out

Burn brighter than the sun

How magnificent!

Her beauty!

Aphrodite fails to compare

As a boa of clouds give her an ominous air

Act two shine the shadows

Do not tread out of her gaze

Her light does not penetrate the dark

So be wary when backstage

Yes! How divine!

Those luminous eyes

Has taken my sight

What a glorious right

The lights dim,

Her audience retreats

Act three is almost done

An ache I wish upon none

Her face dims!

Who is taking your glow?

My heart wrenches at the thought

Was this all for naught!?

A blinding ray

She exits the stage

In tears, for her song is not through

Cry not dear maiden, I shall wait for you

In the place where blue turns to black

Until my own final act.