A Free Meal

I guess I decided that I wanted to take a bit of a break from Gone Squared- but don't worry, I'll definitely get right back to writing Gone Squared as soon as this story is done! This story won't last too long either!

"Abe! I'm totally stuffed!" the girl across the table from me said in a swooning voice to me as I looked at her with a sense of adoration "I haven't eaten that well in awhile! Thanks for taking me out today!" she said to me in a grateful voice, looking at me with her large, hazel eyes

"Aha, my pleasure Allie, anything for you!" I flirted back, looking at her; giving her a look with eyes that just showed pure satisfaction

I was happy. My lovely girlfriend: Alice- and I were just out on a bit of a treat we got for volunteering at this fancy restaurant for helping them out with an event. The restaurant ended up becoming completely packed and they were dying for some help- free was better.

Though of course, the owners of the restaurant were old European seniors, who of course told us to come back anytime for a free meal- which just happened to be a meal with the portions the size that people who were training for marathons got.

The restaurant was actually just a floor etched out in an apartment building; and while most people would think that a restaurant built into an apartment for the tenants wouldn't have that many customers, there actually was a huge turnout every night since the restaurant had a great, upbringing atmosphere and just walking in to hear the greeting from the owners was enough to make you smile for the rest of the week.

"I can't believe I even had room to put all that food... I never wanna see food again... I've had enough steak, brocolli, carrots and mashed potatoes for the next year..." Alice said to me, flopping herself lazily onto the table, pretending to be fatigued from eating... Or was she actually that tired?

A waiter came to our table and looked at Alice with a laughing look: "Miss, I'm going to go ahead and guess you don't have room for dessert?" he said with a bit of a laugh under his breath

"D-dessert?! Oh please! I'm absolutely crammed! I couldn't fit another atom of food in my stomach if I tried!"

"Oh okay, got it, I'll just give your chocolate icecream to someone else the-"

"Never mind what I said before! What was that?! Chocolate icecream! I'll take it!- Oh, Abe, do you have room for any more dessert?!" Alice looked at me with those adorabley excited eyes she wore almost every day. She was an extremely bubbly girl

"Uh- Ahah no, I'm good-"

"Oh good!" she said, turning back to the waiter "I'll take both servings then! Wouldn't want the icecream to go to waste!" she said, looking at the waiter like a kid on Christmas

"Aha, right away miss!" the waiter said with a smile, turning around and walking back to the kitchen

"Didja here that Abe?! They got icecream!" Alice looked back at me with a wide smile pasted across her flawless face

"I think I got that message a little while ago" I said, looking back at her with an equally wide smile on my face.

To say the truth, I was just happy to be here with her. I'm one of those guys who just enjoys being happy, and enjoys spreading the happy (it's funny how not everyone is like this!) So naturally, I couldn't be anything but ecstatic to be out on a date with my girlfriend. We hadn't been able to go out for a little while since I've been broke for the past few weeks since I lost my job and got replaced by someone else who was offering to work for full-time.

It was okay though. She was still happy with just spending our hangout times just cuddling and watching movies streamed over the internet together. It was a nice thing to do after a stressful day at highschool. Just unwind with the girlfriend and let yourself be transported to a different world with the one you love- and I certainly did love my girlfriend.

We had been together for... Well, sortof for her entire existence; the whole short fifteen years of it. My dad is actually best friends with Alice's dad, so we were introduced to eachother within eight months of my existence, when I saw her on a regular basis (everytime my dad hung out with her dad... Which was often), even as babies, we definitely had chemistry... As much as babies could atleast.

We grew up together and went through everything together. From the first day of school to when we found out her mom got cancer, and till now. We've officially been together for five years- since grade seven (I'm in grade eleven right now and she's in ten), but it's certainly felt like much longer, and in a way, it has been.

"Abe, could you pass me your napkin?" Alice said, pointing to the napkin that was on my side of the table

"What's wrong with your napkin?" I asked... Completely expecting an Alice-like answer (sounds weird, doesn't it? Alice-like? Well, just wait, you'll see what I mean in a second.)

"It's dirty."

"That's what the point of a napkin is." I said, looking at her with a teasing look on my face, trying to see what was really 'wrong' with her napkin

"Well... I'm not sure if the point of a napkin was to get this dirty..." she said, pulling a napkin out from under her plate to reveal that her napkin was... Would that even be classified as a napkin anymore? The red satin cloth that was once her napkin was now splattered and dirtied with left over remains of mashed potatoes that missed her mouth, the moisture from brocolli, some uneaten bits of what I trust and hope is steak (if not, I'd love to see how a carrot could possibly become brown...) The 'napkin' would probably dirty her face more if she used it instead of cleaned it... This is what I mean by an "Alice-like" answer. Alice was a completely unique girl, like no other in the entire universe- not that I really know any other girl... Though that's aside the point. Alice acts and is like no other person in the world, and I love her because of all her weird tendencies like a bad habit of missing her mouth almost a third of the time she ever uses cutlery, or when she tackle-hugs me everytime she sees me, shouting out about how much she missed me. She was Alice, and Alice is mine; and I wouldn't have it any other way in the whole wide world!

"Yeah, I suppose I wouldn't mind trading my napkin for... Uhhh... What is tha-"

"Yeah yeah! Stop teasing me!" she piped up, looking away from me with a laughing face, moving her "napkin" towards me so that I could exchange the napkins

I gave her my napkin and took the "thing" she gave me and tossed it on my plate instantly, almost scared that something would start growing from it and scurry up my fingers that held it.

"Here you are, miss" I heard from my right- the waiter bringing Alice her two servings of icecream... Which, again, from "old European portions" to "normal standard portions", ended up being about six actual servings.

"Abraham..." Alice said, looking up at me with a confused look on her face

"Yes Allie?"

"I don't know if I'm in heaven or hell, because I love chocolate icecream, but there's no way I'm gonna be able to finish all that..."

"You better, or the owners will be upset with you"

"But... How?! I can't fit all that-" she pointed to the two heaping bowls of icecream "in here!" she pointed to her waist; which complemented the rest of her slender and petite build

"Well, make it work I suppose" I just said, laughing quietly to myself at the fact that I know for a fact that there was simply no way she was going to eat all her ice cream

Again, just simply spending time with Alice would be my perfect definition for happiness. There is no place I'm happier than with Alice having fun and bonding together. I guess I'm a simple kind of guy who is made by happy simple things. Fortunately for me, Alice was the same way. I know that nothing makes her happier than being with me, and I feel like the luckiest man in the world to have this type of relationship with a girl this amazing.

I mean really; Alice was everything a guy could ever want. She was absolutely adorable with her long, curly, brunette hair that trailed down to her lower back Her big hazel eyes that had the ability to suck away all your will right out of you and made you drop to your knees with a big fat smile on your face at the pure joy of looking into her gorgeous eyes. Which were held in presented by her flawless tan skin which ran the length of her entire petite-build that sported an athletic frame, which came from many years of enjoying badminton game after badminton game with her boyfriend in her backyard.

She was smart, getting strictly 80s and 90s in her class without even breaking a sweat or having to study much, and of course, she had a golden personality that was perfectly bubbly and optimistic, with just a dose of seriousness to get things done when they needed to get done.

Though what I like most about her is that she's mine. All mine- and absolutely no one elses. I know in my heart that I solely am the boyfriend of the most amazing girl in the universe.

And, while I know that I'm nowhere even near perfect in any way whatsoever with my sad grades of 60s and 70s, and looks that didn't make me stand out that much (what did dark green eyes and messy brown hair in a sort-of fit and sort-of tall build ever do for anyone?) I still hope that she holds the same kind of feelings for me in some way. I'm sure she does though.

"I take it back! I'll definitely be able to have all this! Is this even ice cream?! This is delicious!" Alice babbled out to me in between her spoonfuls of icecream in an excited voice "It's so soft and flavourful!"

"Oh that's good you like it, I wouldn't want to tell the old European grandma that this particular little girl didn't like her icecream- who knows what'd happen!"

"Don't even joke about that! She'd go nuts! She's already super loud in everything she does, she'd have a heart attack if she heard I didn't love her ice cream!" Alice said in a loud voice, which quelled down to a whisper. She whipped her head around to the kitchen to see if the owner heard her, and continued on to correct herself "Which I love!"

"Nice save."

"Aha thanks!" she said, continuing to shove her face with ice cream

Oh Alice. I can't believe I get to live my life with you.

Some people might see us and label us as a "clingy" couple, or something of the sort. Though I didn't really care, this is the way we lived and I know Alice certainly doesn't care what other people think either. To us, eachother is all we've ever known, and quite frankly, eachother is all we'll ever know in the future too...

Or so I thought.