Just another sappy love poem! Please enjoy (:

Do you remember...

That time I cried on your

shoulder, squeezed your hand,

and you kissed me for the first time?

That time we were walking through the empty

halls and I grumbled that I was on my period,

and you picked me up from behind and spun me around anyway?

That time I complained absentmindedly about

not having enough money for buying music,

and you brought $30 of iTunes gift cards the next day?

That time you bought me chocolate for

Valentine's Day because you know I love chocolate,

and I ate it all in one night?

That time I went to Europe,

emailing you desperately each day,

and you responded at the speed of light?

That time we got into more trouble

than ever, more than we could handle,

and you asked them to punish you, not me?

That time we started arguing about

the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,

and you started crying because you thought I hated you?

That time we played

rock-paper-scissors-take off all your clothes,

and I wouldn't take off my shirt

(even though you won)?

That time I wrote

you a poem,

and you read my writing for the first time?

That time we took a

picture at the art museum,

and I deleted it because you're not very photogenic?

That time you claimed that

you loved me more than I loved you,

and I was pissed at you for days?

That time we were sitting on the

bus on that field trip,

and we fell asleep on each other?

That time I played footsie with you, but

you told me to stop because "somebody would see,"

and I told you that I couldn't care less?

That time we drove to your

ballet, which was really far,

and my friends got mad because I couldn't drive?

That time your mom saw me,

told you I was pretty,

and said you should date me?

That time we were making out

in my car when someone walked by,

and you put your head in my lap to hide?

That time you showed me

your all-time favorite music,

and I pretended to like it?

That time we were having a

long, completely serious discussion,

and it was all about video games?

That time you were at your

friend's house, but I was feeling horrible,

and you called me anyway?

That time my friend asked me

about how we were doing,

and then laughed when I told her I loved you?

That time you were being a

complete asshole for like a week,

and I just pretended you weren't?

That time I got mad because

you don't get mad at me...ever,

and you went all philosophical on me?

That time, on the phone, when you

told me you wanted to kill yourself,

and I swore at you for the first time?

That time I was telling you

a funny story about my friends,

and you suddenly confessed that you hated them all?

That time my best friend said she

was going to a movie with you (as friends?)

and I almost punched her in the face?

That time we started

talking about marriage and the future,

and I almost had a panic attack?

That time I told you to

read Catcher in the Rye,

and you refused because you "just don't read"?

That time you were stressed,

so I came to your locker

and kissed you in front of everyone for the first time?

That time we argued

about who loved the other more,

and neither of us won?

That time I loved you,

and you loved me back?