You helped me out in my time of need

You picked me up out of the weeds

I cleaned up little and went on my way

But turned and walked to where you lay

I planted cameras on your door

So I knew exactly what you wore

When you left and when you arrived

I came to know your life like time

You wake up early, at the crack of dawn

Stretch out, eat breakfast and then move on

To catching the bus at seven forty-five

And arriving at work right on the dime

For lunch you eat bagels, which is so very cute

But yesterday you ate with Angie Troop

You don't even like her so why did you do it?

Next time you should go out with Katie Bruwitt

Did you get my letter? Of course you did

I was watching you, behind the wall is where I hid

But your reaction was quite unexpected

It almost looked like my love was rejected

But you're my soul mate we share bond

So I keep watching you from your lawn

And just so you know your house is safe

Because I checked every single place