Child's Mind

Do you miss those days when,

you had,

a child's mind?

As you look back,

on your life,

do you remember,

the simplicity of your life?

When you didn't worry,

about the toils,

of you life?

When you were a child?

How easily laughter,

escaped your mouth?

How nothing,

in the world,

could affect you?


in your child-mind,

was perfect.

The time when,

Mommy and Daddy never fought,

how they were alwas there,

to shield you,

from the violence,

of this world.

The time when,

rain was your friend,

you jumped in its puddles,

creating a simple joy.

So pure,

was that joy.

It was the time when,

all your mind knew,

was laughter,

and friendship,

and the rain,

and love.

Do you yearn, Young Adult,

to have a child's mind?

Just one,

last time?

Author's Note:

This is dedicated to my school family. . . As always :) (Most of the time:)

-Norah Strike